Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Tor Gaming - Relics - Britanan Force Additions

Following on from my first post for my Relics Britanan Force I have now finished January's additions. These consist of:

2 x Light Dragoons @ 12pts each and, 3 x Grenadiers @ 22pts each making a total of 90pts for this month.

Light Dragoons

Whole Force so far
For February's force additions I have 6 x Highlanders @ 17pts each.


  1. Nice work Carl, I can't quite make my mind up about these figures. Don't get me wrong they are really nice I'm just teetering whether to get some or not :D

    1. Well have a look at the kickstarter as the lists will give you all the prices for models and the rules are free to download. It's the only game I think where you can roll double 1's and it's a good thing!