Friday, 7 December 2012

Bushido - Ito Clan Faction

I recently received my shipment of the "Ito" which is the fifth faction for GCT Studios brilliant skirmish game - Bushido. These were the result of a very successful Indiegogo campaign a few months ago which you can view here:

Dice & Cards

Normally in Bushido starters you get ten black and white dice and a red die (defence and attack). This is GCT's first venture into Faction dice. They are a good size and contain five green and five green/black dice. The six on the dice is the Ito faction logo. These are 16mm in size.

The Profile cards look great and are in the "New Dawn"* rules format. The top set of starter set cards are in a special Ito design. These are an Indiegogo campaign backer thing only. The bottom 4 cards are the everyday normal profile card version. As you can see in the pic the full art cards are extreamly nice.

* New Dawn, is the revised rule set for Bushido and there are considerable differences in profile cards from the original rules version.

Starter Set

Kenzo Ito

This guy is the main Samurai Naga. He is on a 50mm base and looks easy to put together, although the middle body part will probably require some extra pinning to hold it securely to the tail peice. Both arms glue onto the body holding the spear in front with the dual swords going onto the right side of the body. Well armoured with a good CP, First Strike and very useful fighting feats making him excellant in close combat.


Another 50mm mounted model with an awesome tail. It will be quite long when assembled. The head is easy to attach, the arms fit on quite nicely and I hope won't require a pin. I will possibly pin the tail to give it extra strength. This monster can blind his opponent on the way into fighting them, he's fast, slippery and fear causing too!


A 30mm base, a little bit of filing may be possible to make the insert of the arm onto the body a bit deeper. The fan has a small nodule for extra security on the back of the head. In game she has a nasty ability to dump poison counters on the enemy from afar!

                                                                  Temple Bushi/Chiyo

These two models are either standard Temple Bushi with a joint profile card, or the fellow on the bottom can be used as Chiyo, who is more expensive (in terms of rice), but has a few different traits and a special defence which gives you additional force building options.

A 30mm base, the front arm is pulling his sword out of the sheath so two points on contact. The back of the scabbard though extends from the rear of the model but it is very small!

30mm base, His left arm is holding the sword out though so I will also try to pin this for added strength while playing/transporting. These two guys are fairly standard foot soldiers in game with armour, six wounds and a healthy CP. Chiryo has leap and jump up making him a bit more agile than the Temple Bushi.

The Indigogo Extras

These models will be available over the next few months to normal customers and give some rather good alternative options.


30mm with two contact points for the spear. The Kabuto horns are very small and the extra swords will be easy to attach on the side/front. Very good armour and hes tough with a Ki feat to give extra toughness! He can gain the order ability as well, but only six wounds. A modest CP but it only costs 2 Ki to increase it.


An easy to attach arm on this 30mm model. He is a cheap in game character and can make himself fear and terror causing. A low CP, but brings 2 to the Blood of Orochi pool! (Ito Poison)

Itsunagi Ito

30mm base and an incredible Samurai warrior. The scabbards attach in his middle which will be easy enough. The most expensive in-game model for the Ito. A high CP, low wound count but has ranged defense. Can give himself armour peircing and his Ki feats focus on improving his close combat.

Ayaka Ito

30mm base and a beautiful figure. Look on GCT Studios Facebook for the studio paint job.  Expensive in game, but like other Shisai can channel Ki. Can dish out poison from afar, suck ki from a target and remote worsen models conditions! 

An absolutele stunning set of miniatures with a fabulous running flavour to the faction.


  1. ooooo some really nice looking figures there. Look forward to seeing them painted mate.

    1. Think with these though simon I will bury my pride and get them painted for me.

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