Monday, 17 December 2012

Bloodbowl Match Atrocity Exhibition vs Nachtafen Nightlords

Atrocity Exhibition are nearly at the end of their season, only a few more matches to go before the play-offs and the Final. Before that though the Undead wrecking crew had to go up against a fledgling Vampire team.

Now dont get me wrong, beginner Vamps are not supposed to be difficult to beat, but Adrian who plays them is (and I dont want to sound too over modest) as just a good a coach as I am. Most of our games end up a draw as we seem to cancel each other out - but cause alot of mayhem on the way.

Again Atrocity had the advantage in fans and the weather was nice, the Vamps wanted to play at night, but instead had to rely heavily on rays-u-bloc, so they didnt explode in the sun!

The Nightlords won the toss, but with an all knowing evil smirk opted to kick to Atrocity instead - the players lined up, the ball was kicked and landed slap bang on Atrocitys side right next to the line, then the Nightlords BLITZED!!! the ref was no where to be seen. The Thralls covered the ball and a Vampire deftly ran in and collected it whilst the Zombies of Atrocity stood in a daze!

The Nightlords then proceeded to pull off some fantastic moves, keeping the Vampires bloodlust at bay with what could only be considered "extra influence" and finally scored TOUCHDOWN 0-1

The Nightlords thought that they had not left enough time for Atrocity to try and equalise before the end of the half but the Undead went to town, smacking Thralls left, right and centre into the KO box and Badly Hurting a Vampire, only for him to regenerate back into the reserves.

With a diminished Nightlords team, Atrocitys Ghoul with his extra training in speed managed to run in and score TOUNCHDOWN 1-1

During the break a few Bloodwesier Babes that the Nightlords had hired were drained by the Vampires and the power infused in them was able to allow the majority of the KO'd Thralls to return to the game.

The Second half kicked off and the sun belted down making the stadium swelteringly hot. The Vampires sluggishly collected the kicked ball and made their way slowly down the pitch. Matched doggedly by Atrocitys defence they had no space to move, then a Mummy got carried away with the Thrall in front. After knocking him down the Thrall made a vulgar gesture so the Mummy piled on ending his miserable existance, no new Zombie was raised by this rather gruesome killing|!

With the Mummy slow to rise a gap had formed and a Vampire made his move and shortly scored TOUCHDOWN 1-2

Atrocity had 3 turns to avoid their first defeat of the season. Both Ghouls now took the field and they made a play down the right flank. The Nightlords however managed to bog them down with Thralls and a Vampire made a risky Blitz on the Ghoul carrying the ball, he passed his bloodlust, he passed two dodges, he passed the first GFI then failed his second GFI, with a miserable look at the re-roll track as none were left the Vamp smacked into the deck whilst the Ghoul nimbly skipped across his prone form and sprinted into the endzone to score TOUCHDOWN 2-2

So the game ended a draw thanks to the rather lucky first turn kick and Blitz that could almost have been planned!!

Next up depending on fixtures are either Skaven or Highelves - I might stuggle against their higher mobility but hope to keep causing the HURT!!


  1. Blood bowl is like that- but I'll take a draw over a loss any day!

  2. Brilliant match report. Not played Blood Bowl in donkeys. I'm liking the Joy Division / JG Ballard reference there too