Friday, 23 November 2012

Necromunda - First Games

Well last night I played my first two games of Necromunda for quite a few years. It showed! I was incredibly rusty and I had my proverbial backside handed to me on a platter.

The first game went by in a blur! turn 2 and it was all over and although the second game lasted much longer the outcome was the same. Two defeats by sneaky, flukey, nasty Cawdor but revenge will be mine....oh will be mine...

So the write ups:

Game 1:

We decided to go for a straight gang fight as my Techno Ghosts were brand new and Nicks Cawdor Gang (didnt get the gang name but now known as BBC - Bloody Beardy Cawdor!)

Nick set up first and got to go first as well, he also had use of Tunnels so left a couple of Ganger's/Juve's to pop up and cause me hassle.

The first turn and the BBC moved around in cover and my Ghosts did pretty much the same apart from one Lasgun armed Ganger who managed to get a shot off against a BBC Ganger in cover, 6 to hit needed and got, ammo roll passed and roll to wound got as well. The BBC Ganger went down!

Turn two and most of the BBC moved and at the end, six were in position to shoot. What then happened I have not seen in wargaming for a looooooooong time.  All six shots hit my characters, all that needed ammo checks passed, all six wounded and out of the six hits the BBC got 3 Downs, 1 Out of Action and 2 Flesh Wounds. One of the Downs was also my Leader. So my turn, lets see, bottle test first, oops leader down so I am on a 7 using a Ganger. Double 5!!!! Bottled...Gang legs it and game lost!

In the post match sequence, out of my Out of Action and Downs I ended up with 3 Serious Injuries which equated to a Dead Ganger, a Ganger with a Leg Wound and a Juve with a Wounded Hand.

So that was quick, lets fit in another game I said.

Game 2:

Again we went for a straight gang fight and this time I set up and went first. Again Nick set a couple aside to go in his tunnels.

First, Second and Third turns were all movement, sneaking around cover as both if us couldnt believe that previously most shots were on a 6 and were all hitting!

Turn four and I made a mistake, I had left a Ganger and my Leader bunched together behind cover but slap bang in front of a BBC Ganger with a Shotgun. One scatter shot later and my Ganger was Down and my Leader pinned.

On the opposite side of the table a BBC Juve was looking at shooting a Juve Ghost who was in cover, safe I thought naively as he needs a 7 to hit, so Nick rolls....and yes 6 followed by a 4 followed by a passed ammo roll, followed by a 4 to wound, followed by a 4 and my Juve goes Down!! the dice gods hate me!

Turn five and six saw me Charge a BBC Ganger with my Leader which resulted in my Leader going Down WTF!!! I managed to get two wounding hits but Nick passed (what a frikkin surprise) his bottle test, then he went on to Down a couple more of the Ghosts and I bottled again!!

Just not my night. At least in the post game I only had two serious injuries from my Downs and as a Juve had gained the skill Medic after the first game, I managed to get both Fully Recovered.

So the end of the first two games for the Ghosts and although I got Mullered on both of them I managed to gain enough cash to buy back my Dead Ganger from game 1 and a fair few gained Skills and Characteristic Increases from experience, although my Leader and Heavy have yet to achive anything.


  1. Bad luck mate. Nice AAR summarys. Was the BBC a much higher rep?

    1. Both gangs rep's were pretty equal. I could hit things but couldn't get a wound. He just rolled awesome shooty dice !!!