Friday, 30 November 2012

Bloodbowl Match Atrocity Exhibition vs Gitz & Shiggles

I finally got to play my match against the Goblins last night and was feeling fairly confident due to the Awesome nastiness that is my Undead steamroller !!

Then I remembered how many inducements I would be giving away. These Goblins would end up with two Chainsaws, two Looneys a Bomber and a Pogo'er as well as enough bribes to keep them around for most of the match!

The weather was a fine day and even though hordes of screaming little greenskins had turned up, the zombified remains that make up Atrocity's supporters just gave them the edge.

The teams set up with Atrocity ready to receive. Hoping to score quick and get the weapon handlers sent off or at least use up some of the influence that they knew the Gobbos had over the ref.

Nobbla and Fungus giggled excitedly with the expected carnage they could reek and the very skilled Trolls lumbered upto the line, covering the Zombies and shielding their Goblin team-mates.

The kick went up and a gentle breeze wafted it towards the waiting Ghoul. The Mummies put the hurt on the Trolls and managed to knock them over and a few Goblins were smacked about. A Wight slammed into the Bomber and as he crunched into the ground a bomb went of and blew him into the air, depositing him in the Injuries section of the Gitz dugout.

Fungus whirled around the pitch and Nobbla ran up and chainsawed a Ghoul. Fortunately, although injured, its thick skin saved it from being nothing more than badly hurt.

The Zombies and Mummies again shambled into the Goblin lines but couldnt make their savage presence really felt. A Wight Blitzed into Nobbla but didnt catch him right and just bounced of his armour.

The Ghoul with the ball ran to the left flank and launched a long pass towards the other Wight, who deftly caught it and with a bit of stretching reached the End Zone to score. TOUCHDOWN 1-0

The crowd went wild and Atrocity gave a rictus grin, only to see that grin turn to grimace as the suitably bought ref failed to send of any of the Goblins weapons and even reset the clock back to give them nearly a whole half to grind into Atrocity.

The Undead set up and steeled themselves for 7 turns of hurt. With some deft defending and the Zombies stretching their movement everytime, it still was not enough. Fungus seem to have a spell on his ball and chain as it never failed to connect against an Atrocity player, sending numerous players to the KO box. With a depleted team Atrocity could not contain the small, dodging, sneaky Gobbos, although they had injured a few, and they managed right at the end to score. TOUCHDOWN 1-1.

Second Half and although Fungus and Nobbla had been sent off, the Gitz still had their original chainsaw and Looney players and they would be receiving the ball again. Atrocity fans were frustrated and chucked a rock at the nearest Troll stunning him and the Gitz fans thought this was fun so threw a rock and hit a Zombie and KO'd him.

Again Atrocity were on the back foot as the little green homing missile that was the ball and chain connected every time, crunching Zombies and Wights alike, the chainsaw was targeted by every available Atrocity player and although he was constantly put on the deck, proceded to get back up and stick two green fingers up at the disbelieving Undead!

Finally after some frantic defending, a Gitz Goblin smug with the ball and his dodgy skill managed to miss the trailing bandages of an adjacent Mummy and went smack into the turf!! Atrocity surged towards the loose ball. The remaining Ghoul scooped it up and charged into the rear free of Gitz players and the rest of Atrocity tied up the remaining Gitz members. After being Blitzed to the ground the Gitz Pogo'er, the only player with a realistic chance of gaining on the Ghoul was suddenly fouled by a Zombie. The Zombie was sent off but the damage had been done, the Pogo'er was carried from the field with a Smashed ankle.

With no chance of being caught, the Ghoul danced about for a few turns whilst the rest of Atrocity tried to decimate the Gitz out of pure undead malice before the Ghoul finally skipped into the end zone to score. TOUCHDOWN 2-1

Atrocity win and considerable relieved after what could have been an embarrising loss by GOBLINS!!

James who played the Goblins is a very good Bloodbowl coach and with all those secret weapons/star players and bribes caused me considerable difficulty. Plus the fact that the bloody Looneys seemed to have zombie attacting missile ball and chains!!

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  1. Those Goblin secret weapons were on fire! Just because they are a tier 3 team doesn't mean that can't pull off a good win now and again!