Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Secrets of the Third Reich - Tournament Round-up

My Faust Werewolf force
Well, what a weekend at the Wargames Show in Derby. The show was really good with a host of traders and some fantastic demo and participation games. As I was taking part in the tournament I did not really have much time for shopping or extra gaming and Im sure other Bloggers who made it to the show will post up photos off what was going on.
German force I played in last game

Over the weekend the tournament consisted of five games, three on Saturday and two on Sunday. I unfortunately got so involved with the games I forgot to take photos during them!
All games were played on a 6' x 4' table and tables were randomised for every game so everyone got to play on different scenery.

US Force with Captain American
Game 1: Recon scenario using 15 points from our full 55 points force. This scenario saw both sides set up opposite each other and the aim was to get more of your force off the opposing table each than the other player.

I was using my Werewolves and some Wolf Runners whilst my Opponent was using Soviet Survivors. Unfortunately Soviet Survivors are unarmoured and my force are fast and big snarly combat monsters. The game was over quite quickly with his whole force decimated and I only lost one Werewolf. Major Victory.

German SS Armoured force

Game 2: Night Fight scenario using full 55 points. This scenario played at night limited vision for shooting to 18" but as I was Werewolves etc.. I had Hyper Senses and Infra Red etc.. no disadvantage to me. The main aim of this game was to take prisoners - any model that was taken out or put down in close combat would be a prisoner and each player had to get more than the other to achive victory conditions.

US force I played in game 3
I was up against Soviets again and this game was a bit more deadly, with both sides managing to kill stuff before getting into close combat. It was actually quiet difficult to try and gain a prisoner until I got a break with my Drop Troops and managed to get one.
That was the only prisoner of the game but it was enough again to win. Major Vicory.

Soviet Spider Mech force
Game 3: Alien Tech scenario. Full 55 points and in this scenario an objective counter was placed in the middle of the table with each player placing another two each, outside their deployment zones. When a counter was recoverd a D6 was rolled to see if that counter was the Tech, 1-5 it was nothing, a 6 and Tech was gained. The side that recovered the Tech then needed a 1 or 2 on a D6 in the end phase to recover it and game ended.

British Temple force with Flesh Golems
This time I was up aginst a US Armoured Force with a big Scary Heavy Armoured Mech. using my Werewolves and their fast abilities the counters were quickly secured but the Tech was not revealed. After both of us had found four counters and no Tech the last counter naturally had to be it. It was just outside my deployment area, ideal for me but also slap bang in the line of sight of my opponents Heavy Mech, with its Heavy Gun! Three turns I tried to get the counter and my opponent kept hitting with his Heavy Gun, this thing throws out a 5" template which pretty much slaughters anything under it.
Finally last turn of the game and the Heavy misses, all down to a die roll! and I got a 2! relief, game ends and I win. Major Victory.
Game 4: Gain Ground scenario. Full 55 points and this scenario has the table divided up into different zones. Points are scored for controlling each zone at the end of the game, more points obviously for controlling a zone on your opponents side.
My opponent in this game had practically the same force as I had but without Drop Troops. These could help me gain advantage by Dropping into his zones and as long as I managed to remove his units I should get the the victory points.
With pretty much similar forces, this game went all the way to the time limit with very little indication on who had won at the end. An umpire was called and he sorted the units in the different zones and I was awarded the win. Minor Victory.
Game 5: All out Kill scenario. Full 55 points and basically kill as much of the opposing force as you can, victory points for causing 100% 50% and 25% casualties.

I was up against a German force played by the same opponent I had played in the last game of the 2011 tournament. This game was practically a carbon copy of that game, same opponent, same scenario, same table and even deployed on the same table edge. in 2011 I managed a Draw and got 2nd place in the tournament whilst he came 1st.
This time though I was utterly trounced. My deployment area was awful - wide open, whilst his had all high buildings. My Werewolves had all their advantages negated and even my Drop Troops and Mechs could gain me any respite. His Massive Mech dropped in my open deployment zone and with big guns, machine guns and flamethrowers rolled up my exposed infantry.
At the end of the game I had taken 50% casualties and only caused him 25% looking at the victory conditions I had lost. Minor Loss.
So the wait..........all the tournament points and kill points were totted up and the presentations started. My opponent in the 3rd game won best painted with his Americans (he always wins - they are superb) and I came 2nd again whislt my opponent in the last game again came 1st. 
So in total playing Secrets of the Third Reich I have a Joint 3rd place, two 2nd Places and one Tournament win. Not a bad record I think.
The photos posted are just a few of the forces that were used.



  1. A good read, and it makes me think about trying SoTR. Congratulations on 2nd. All the Best Clint

  2. Well done on second place mate. Is this guys army cheesy then? or was it purely down to the poor terrain

  3. No his army wasnt that cheesy. He had two big mechs which took the majority of points but the advantage came from the terrain. If I had been on the high solid buidlings side and he had been in the open-ish, his mechs would have been fairly inefective. It just turned out that Werewolves even in cover, when they get hit by big nasty armoured mechs with flamethrowers turn into krispy kittens!

  4. I love my WWW2 but don't drag out my SOTR figs often enough - great to see some lovely forces there (and some nice terrain too).

    Congrats on the second place - fantastic!