Thursday, 4 October 2012

Secrets of the Third Reich - Tournament

This post is just to basically show off the German force that I am going to take to the Secrets of the Third Reich Weird World War 2 Tournament that is being hosted at the forthcoming Derby World Wargames Show 6th/7th October 2012.

The competition is based on 55 resourse points and you have to include a Command Squad. You can also have upto three support elements which can consist of Historically correct Tanks and Vehicles or more outlandish and weird elements such as Mechs, Zombies, Vampires etc.. I have chosen to take a Special Character, Wolfgang Faust who is a German Special Weapons Directive Officer and a Werewolf as he allows you to take Werewolf units as standard instead as special options.

Added to this are a few specialist units like Wolf Runners who are Werewolves light and a couple of Drop Mechs with HMG's and Flamethrowers as well as an Armoured Paratrooper unit.

Snipers, a Panzerschreck and Command squads complete the outfit. I came 2nd in last year's tournament with a similar list and this is pretty much the same, only due to real life taking up too much time and not having enough money to purchase a new force.

Hopefully next tournament I can go with the Japanese themed army that I really want to do.

The Whole Force

Drop Mechs with Big Machine Guns and Flamethrowers


Howling Jagerhunds/Werewolves


Wolfgang Faust - Commander with Sharp Teeth!

Armoured Fallschirmjager

Wolf Runners

Wolf Runners

Command Squad

Tournament write-up hopefully sometime next week as well as Atrocity Exhibitions next Bloodbowl game write-up, game due to be played tonight 4th Oct 2012.


  1. Nice looking force. Good luck with the Tournament!

  2. Did you hear that the Kickstarter for 2nd ed rules for SOTR starts this Friday?