Saturday, 20 October 2012

Judge Dredd Miniatures Game - Mongoose Publishing

A quick update to go with my previous post. Mongoose Publishing have hosted up some more pictures of forthcoming miniatures for their overly successful Judge Dredd Kickstarter campaign.

 First up is a new Street Judge armed with 2 Lawgivers. Ideal for that extra bit of firepower.

… then the Special Weapons Judge will be just what you need, armed here with a Widowmaker – a combined shotgun and SMG. The Justice Department will have need for such weaponry, as there are many new enemies coming to Mega-City One.

Finally, Mega City 1 will be over-run by the Zombie Horde! These models use the plastics from Mantic Games as a base (supplied in the box set!), with new Mega-City One parts to give them suitable heads, bodies and fashionable (but rotting) kneepads!

For the first time as well a new force I know a great many of you have been looking forward to – the East Meg Invasion Force, straight from the pages of the Apocalypse War story. Left-to-right and top-to-bottom, we have a Satellat, a small robot assigned to high-ranking officers and agents as a floating bodyguard, followed by two Sov Judges, one armed with a Heavy Carbine the other with a Flamethrower. Then we have the mighty Sentenoid, a rampaging robot designed to break the back of an enemy in an assault – equipped with two Spit Guns, a Flamethrower and crushing robotic arms, it is capable of exactly that!

On the bottom row, we have two Sov Judges armed with their Krashnikov sidearm, as they might appear on the streets of East Meg-1, and what I think will be many people’s favourite in this force, a Senior East Meg Judge. Finally, an East Meg Officer, someone more interested in politics than war, but nevertheless holds the fear of all men who serve under him!

More new forces are being put together right now, including the Demonic Cabal (full of frightened cultists who have no idea what they are doing!), the Dark Judges, Mechanismo robots, Judges from other Mega-Cities, biker gangs, and much more. Stay tuned, as life in Mega-City One is about to get very interesting!


  1. Some interesting stuff. are these based on actual comics then. I mean the Sov Judges etc?

  2. Yes mate. You have to ready 2000ad The Apocalypse War. East Meg 1 invades Mega City 1. It is one of the best stories produced for Judge Dredd.

  3. So much awesomeness - I really wanted to go for the great value $300 pack but DreadBall tapped me out in the end with all those awesome extra team stretch goals met!

    1. I seriously looked at Dreadball, but with already going for Sedition Wars and knowing Judge Dredd was on the way I had to pass.
      The Council of Judge Pledge for Judge Dredd was just to good pass up, plus I was able to swop some boxes of minis for a Manta Prowl Tank!

  4. Great painting Carl! I bought a few Judge Dredd figures the other day, I'll have to get them painted soon!!

  5. Ray, I have to confess, these are stock photos of what are going to be available - I didnt paint them.