Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Judge Dredd - Kickstarter updates

Well its now less than a day left of the Mongoose Publishing - Judge Dredd Miniatures Game Kickstarter and its looking like its going to top $90,000!

There have been some fantastic miniatures lined up for this, with the introduction of Judges from other Mega-Cities around the World, Sov invasion forces and Judge Death and the Dark Judges. Also it now looks like Resin vehicles are going to be available with the Introduction of the Manta Prowl Tank and Pat Wagon.

Here are a few pics of some forthcoming greens.

These are the new greens for the Citi-Def Box set including a Medic, Officer, Jager Commando and Heavy Weapons.

New Justice Dept Pat wagon

Justice Dept Manta Prowl Tank

Judge Death and Mortis greens, with a superb looking green for Nemesis the Warlock (not part of Kickstarter booo)

Also, new multi-headed Klegg, New Street Judge which will have weapon options and a nicely painted Walter the Robot.

So looking forward to receiving all my new goodies once this finishes and looks like life on the streets of Mega-City 1 is going to be violent !!!!

Update this post with this green of a Zombie Judge - GRUD DAM AWESOME!!!
Another green's update, this time two female Judge's - Demarco and PSI Judge Anderson. Demarco is rather nice but unfortunately I think the Anderson mini is overly butch looking.


  1. Its proving quite popular then :D

  2. Must admit I was a big of Dredd in 2000AD...

  3. Awesome! Going to have to look into this. The nemesis green looks good.

  4. I bought a few figures from this range, they're beautiful sculpts.

  5. I've sent my mate this as well, beautiful stuff!