Monday, 8 October 2012

Bloodbowl Match Barak Var Rebels vs Atrocity Exhibition

Last thursday saw Atrocity take on the maniac biker stunties of Barak Var in the last of the first round of group matchs. Atrocity had won both previous games and so had the Rebels. This game had the makings of a right old slug fest - with the Undead using their strength and skills to overpower the solid block happy squats!

With the slight disparagy of team value, the Rebels drafted in Grim Ironjaw and even managed to coax a wizard to supply a nice little Zapppp spell as well.

The weather in the olde world was nice for this time of year and albeit the game was at the Barak Var mountain stadium, hordes of mouldering corpses lined the stands giving Atrocity an overwhelming advantage in fans.

The Ref blew for the start of the game and Atrocity kicked towards the Rebels, suddenly the undead crowd erupted and surged onto the pitch to flatten half the Dwarf team.

By the time the ref and other officials had cleared the pitch of festering remains Atrocity had shambled into the Rebels half and were seriously threatening the Dwarven ball carrier.

Atrocity then set up their famous Zombie wall and used their specialist players to cause serious damage to the dwarfs and finally came away with the ball. Right on Atrocity's last turn they scored TOUCHDOWN 1-0 to the Undead.

2nd Half and Atrocity received the ball from the kick. After losing the ball in the first half the Rebels suddenly found their fists and started to cause some hurt to the Undead. A Zombie was CAS'd off the field but fortunately regen'd and was ready to come back on if needed.

Incensed by this blatent regard for Undead rights Atrocity tore into the Dwarfs and made the most of controlling the ball for the whole half and dismissing short bearded stunties left, right and centre.

Atrocity crossed the line and scored TOUCHDOWN 2-0 leaving the Rebels only one turn for a consalation drive. The Zombies set up and in a moment of madness Atrocitys Star Wight decided to stept upto the line. The whistle blew, the Dwarfs piled in and when the madness had ended a smiling Rebel Blocker was stood holding the ripped off head of Atrocitys Star Blitzer - the Wight had died finally completly!!! (failed regen arghghg)

A Phyrric victory for the Atrocity, 2-0 winners but with the death of their Star Wight, they were reeling slightly. Although after totalling up the winnings and a few Undead managed to gain extra skills, a new Wight was found in the crowd and pressed into service with the team.

As Atrocitys Necromancer stated to ABC (Astronomical Broadcasting Company) reporters "One mouldering Wight doesnt make a team and we still have enough here to turn you into Zombies!!"


  1. Players die, even Star Players (though that stings)...thats Blood Bowl!

    Take the win and force a smile - we had 6 casualties in our last games against Dwarves!

    Great report, thanks!

  2. Well done mate, You certainly seem to be storming along in the league