Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Bloodbowl Match Atrocity Exhibition vs Asgard Marauders

Welcome to the first game of the HDWSBBL World Series 2012-2013, for Atrocity Exhibition. Atrocity have been placed in the OWC East Division and will be facing the likes of Norse, Humans and Dwarves to start before going onto cross divisional matches. Looks like the starting division is going to be a Bash Fest with lots of teams loaded up with Block!

Game 1 - Atrocity Exhibition vs Asgard Marauders (Norse)
The mouldering, smashiest evil Undead against a starting Norse team with Block and Frenzy who were also hosting Icepelt Hammerblow (Star Player) and Wilhelm Chaney (Star Player)

Now Norse are quite a good starting team. Their Runners have dauntless and Block which can make them quite handy in certain situations and their Blitzers/Beserkers are fun, starting with Block and Frenzy, allows them to punish you if your playing near the sidelines. The linemen are average stats, start with Block but as the majority of the Norse team only have Armour (AV) 7 they can be fragile, especially to my Mummies and Wights hitting with Mighty Blow.

Starting procedures and the weather was nice and I won the Fame roll (+2) and the coin toss- So I elected to receive first.

First Half

The kick was made and a gentle gust of wind blew the ball slightly around the pitch. My Undead piled into the Norse and managed to get Icepelt on the ground. From out of nowhere a shambling Zombie tripped over the Star Player and caused such an injury as that was it, he was out of the game straight from the beginning - the Norse screamed foul but the ref suitably bribed by Atrocitys Necromancer carried on playing. After a few more turns Atrocitys Ghouls deftly weaved around the posturing Northmen and ran in for a TOUCHDOWN! Score 1-0

The lines were set again and Atrocity kicked to the Norse, whilst the ball was in the air, the Undead Blitzed into the lightly armoured Northmen and managed to get a steal on the ball. A turn later and Atrocity scored again Score 2-0.  3rd kick of the first half and it went high. The Marauders got a man under the ball and it was moved about quickly between the throwers. Chaney the Star Werewolf started to make a nuisance of himself on the flanks and the Norse finally managed a few dodges worthy of a Woodelf to evade the unveloping Zombie horde for a touchdown. Score 2-1.

Second Half

Second half and the weather hadnt changed, still being nice. The Undead kicked the ball upfield. This half remained a slog for the Undead as the Norse being down in numbers from various casualties and knock outs, used movement and blocks to hold up the ball. Unfortunately for the Maruaders the Undead horde was too strong. With some deft movement from the Ghouls and extreme violence from the Mummies and Wights, Atrocity finally gained the upper hand. Atrocity managed to force a turn over of the ball and with a little bit of time stalling scored in the last turn making the final Score 3-1.  Atrocity Exhibition ended the game with two Zombies sent off though fouls but the poor Marauders had had half their team dispatched from the field.

Next match is this coming thursday so watch out for the next forthcoming match report.


  1. Great AAR and GO GO Atrocity Exhibition

  2. Impressive game!
    can't ask for more than an injury-foul on a major star player before it even gets to act!

  3. Great name...Atrocity Exhibition...Exodus = Thrash!
    Great taste.