Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Games Workshop New Paints

I have recently started to run out of some of my favourite paints and washes and took a trip into town to replace them. Now I have heard on that there grapevine that GW have yet again changed things and gone and replaced aload of stuff that was good with more stuff thats not so good and with different names (sarcasm)

Anyway this short post is to help anyone, who like me has had a wee bit of a nightmare matching up these weird and wonderful shades. Plus a quick not at the end as to what I think of them.


The base colours are not as thick as the old foundation paints but your best still thinning them down with water to get the right results. Some of the best of these are the new gold paints which are brighter and go on better than the old range. 


Some of my initial purchases were maily washes and I have to say these are the most disappointing. We all know that Devlan Mud and Badab Black are the bee's knee's but unfortunately the new Nuln Oil is a bit thick and does not flow well in my opinion. I find I have to end up watering it down and spending more time getting the flow right than I used to do with the Badab stuff. Agrax Earthshade is ok, but not a patch on Devlan Mud. The shades don’t smell or taste as bad as the old washes. 


The layer paints are designed to be used in stages from the basecoat to highlights and hopefully will make it easier for beginners and quick army painters.  Very much like the Foundry paints system. Not used these yet, time will tell.


The new glazes are like the old inks of GW but dry completely matte. 


The dry paints are weird. They have a thick consistency and supposed to be for quick drybrushing. I don’t think I'll be venturing into this range soon unless highly recommended.


The texture paints are a paint grit mix and from what I'v seen on others models, look good for quick basing of figures. They seem to cover quite well and I think will be useful for adding different textures to more intricate bases.

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  1. nice tips and thanks for the charts.

    PS don't eat paint it tastes yacky in general :P