Friday, 15 June 2012

Bushido - Prefecture of Ryu

I have just finished painting up the majority of my Prefecture miniatures and abysmal as my photo-fu is I have posted these for all to enjoy, critique etc...

First up is of course, the Prefectures main guy and Samurai:
Hiro Takashi

Hanso the Ashigaru Sargeant

Minuro, Ashigaru Arqubuser and Yoshio, Yari armed Ashigaru


 Bikou the Ninja Assassin

Matsu Takashi - Shugenja

Mizuchi the Awakened

Group shot

Just an Ashigaru, Jumo wrestler and the Sohei healer to finish now.

I chose the Green and Yellow colour scheme, so it was a bit varied from the GCT Studio colours and basically it was concepted by the descriptions of the uniforms/outfit worn by the Dragon Clan in the Legend of the 5 Rings novels.


  1. Very nice that dragon at the end is lovely. Some nice poses, I really like the Hanso the Ashigaru Sergeant and the Minuro Ashigaru Arqubuser nicely detailed

  2. really nice stuff, i do like the green and brown colour scheme.