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'Spring Tide' SAGA Campaign 15 April 2012

Held at the Green Rooms in Sheffield.

JP from Wargames FC put on an awesome campaign that was great fun and had a brilliant narrative. Three factions had converged around Shrewsbury and the Welsh border for control of the Area.  The Welsh wanted to push East and gain Shrewsbury, Vikings had come down from the North West, burning pillaging and taking what they could and the Anglo Saxon/Danes were trying to remain in control of that part of Mercia.

I entered into the Campaign with my Welsh warband, led by my Warlord Owain ap Padraig, a self made half Welsh half Irish juggernaut, who would not be stopped by anything.
The Warband all day was as follows:

Warlord (Owain)
2 x Units of 4 Hearth-Guard
2 x Units of 8 Warriors

This is the SAGA of Owain ap Padraig

1st Game vs Kierons Vikings (Clash of Warlords)
[Kieron would go onto win the most sporting, very nice guy to play against]

Owain had moved his force into the Pant Mounds and encountered a roving Viking warband led by Hogany Stefanson.  The Vikings had surprised the Welsh by moving quickly in the centre through a small valley.

Owain planted his banner on the highest point surrounding the potential battlefield and stands his ground taunting the Northmen and awaiting Hognay’s attack.  The Vikings surge forward and receive a deadly hail of javelins, which whittle down the Bondi warriors.  The remaining Bondi clash against Owain's Welshmen forcing them to disengage for a short while before being flanked by another group of Welsh warriors and another rain of javelins come down from the hill from Owain and his Hearth-Guard.

Owain taunts the lethargic Hogany and his Hirdmen and with the Vikings raging forward, he counters and nearly destroys them to a man.  Owain then charges down the hill screaming his war cry and slams into Hogany, slaughtering the pagan Norseman in a single round of combat.

                                                                Welsh deployment

                                                                           Viking Deployement

Viking advance in the valley

                                                               Before Owain charges from the hill

                                                                            Hogany defeated

2nd Game vs Kevs Anglo Danes (Challenge)
[In this game one unit of warriors was allowed a free activation once]
After heroically defeating the Viking excursion around Pant, Owain was challenged by the local Anglo Dane Ealdorman Arthur Godwin.  Accepting the Saxons threats, Owain meets Arthur in a small wooded area West of Shrewsbury. 

Arthur bravely stands in the centre of the field with his whole shield wall collected behind him whilst Owain moves into the woods to his left and lets fly with his javelins, grinning to himself as he watches one pierce Arthurs mail and cause a grievous wound.

Arthur back peddles towards his lines and steels himself for the Welsh advance, knowing they will take delight at dancing through the woods and peppering his force with their javelins.  Arthur sends warriors on his right flank to counter the Welsh in the woods and they are charged by Owain and his Hearth-Guard which push them back.

The encounter slowly becomes a stalemate with Arthur dropping back more and more because of his losing blood, and slowly leaves the field to seek the attention of his household. Leaving Owain, again victor on the field.

                                 Starting positions - Anglo Danes at top, Welsh at bottom - Arthur stuck in the middle

                                                             Anglo Dane Shieldwall
                                                                  Where's Arthur  ????

3rd Game Me & JP vs Tom (Anglo Saxons) & Mal (Anglo Danes)
[In this game Levy counted for Saga Dice generation!]

Owain after successfully countering the Challenge from Arthur has teamed up with Tristan ab Llewellyn after learning that other Welsh forces are also moving towards Shrewsbury. The Anglo Saxon/Danes have been noted as withdrawing from a lot of the surrounding area and Owain and Tristan have encountered a joint force led by Elfric Hairypants (Saxons) and Leofric the Grim (Danes), holed up in a small hamlet centred around an impressive church.

Owain and Tristan rapidly advance towards the hamlet as they can see it is lightly defended as the Saxon troops are still deploying East of the village.

Screaming their taunts Owain entices a Dane unit of Warriors into moving around the church into the open.  Owain’s Warriors occupy the church and prepare to ambush any Danes that try and storm it while his other forces slaughter the Dane Warriors and a small unit of Axe wielding Hearth-Guard. The Anglo Saxons fully deployed now hurtle towards Tristan’s force and smash his units of Warriors in a bloody whirlwind and take down Tristan just as easily – although they themselves are sorely depleted in numbers.

Owain carries on his dutiful destruction of Leofrics forces, bringing his Warriors out of the church and cutting down Leofric and his followers, Leofrics son narrowly escapes the slaughter and vows vengeance on Owain for the death of his father.  Owain then turns to accept the charge from Elfric. With the light fading the Saxon and Dane forces depart, moving further East but not before a devious sneaky Saxon hurls a spear in the gloom, hitting Owain.

Counting the cost the Owain was found to of won the feast of crows yet again!!

                                                                   Owains Warband

                                                               Anglo Danes defending the church

                                                                        Welsh flank the church

                                                         Taunting the Danes out
Taking the church

                                                                 And moving in to finish Leofric
4th Game Me and Dave (Welsh) vs  Gaz (Vikings) & Mal (Anglo Danes – again) [Mad 12 player game over 3 tables – players could move forces across tables to support allies]
After the destruction of the Saxon/Danes outside Shrewsbury Owain again joined forces with another Welsh Warlord Gryffd whist various other Welsh allies where countering the Vikings and Saxons elsewhere. Advancing along one of the main roads Owain and Gryffd encounter Leofric the Younger (Son of Leofric the Grim – remember him from the last game hehe) who is hiding cowardly in a wood by a major road junction, also a small Viking warband led by Eric Bloodbeard is lurking nearby.  Seeing Owain and Gryffd marching along the road Eric decides the better part of valour is to run away or he won’t have enough men left to row his ships, seeing this Leofric sends some troops to engage him in combat leaving Eric with a rather diminished looking Viking warband who hastily escape.

Owain now catches up with Leofric and taunts him by waving his father’s captured banner dripping in blood, and taking out his Axe armed Hearth-Guard easily, Owain’s Warriors skirt into the woods and hurl their javelins at Leofric, but being more agile than his father he dodges through the trees, abandons the battle and runs.
With no one left to fight Gryffd charges of towards the junction and towards the sounds of battle to the South whilst Owain storms after Leofric, determined to wipe out that house once and for all.  Coming out of the woods, Owain can see Leofric slightly in the distance, it looks like he has been held up by other forces belonging to who knows who blocking his retreat. Grinning manically he unleashes his forces with a below that would cower a god and pounds towards what could be a destiny changing encounter.........Owain and Leofric clash in a slam of shields and a fluffy of steel and blood...Owain stands at the end with Leofric motionless at his feet and ravens carrying the news that the Welsh warlords have a major Mercian town to sack!!!
                                                       If you go down to the woods today   
                                                                        Owains rampaging warband
                                                                                   Daves Welsh
                                             Welsh advance whilst Dane slaughters Viking
                                                     Leofric the Younger about to run away

                                                Leofric dodges the javelins and exits table right

                                              Owain chases him down and slaughters him

The Final Standings

Welsh dominate

One of the best campaign days I have played for some time and considering I have never played SAGA before I ended the day unbeaten and 3 out of 4 enemy Warlords slaughtered.

My Warlords glorious SAGA will continue..

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