Friday, 20 April 2012

Off to SALUTE 2012

Well thats me all organised and packed for a hopefully cracking weekend attending SALUTE 2012.  The camera is all charged and a full show report will be posted after the weekend.

Mostly this year is going to be a major shopping and gaming spree with the hopes of off-loading the old unwanted gaming chaff at the bring and buy.

Major wants this year are the Gripping Beast SAGA Northern Fury rules and new warbands.  Crooked Dice will be visited for the usual zealous spending on 7TV merchandise and a few new Bushido models are on the list as well.

Games - well South London Warlords have Rolling Thunder, a Captain Scarlet game I cant wait to play.  7TV On Her Majesties Crooked Service game will get a look in and going to try the demo's of Gripping Beast Muskets and Tomahawks.

Thats basically all on the agenda but im sure ill get sidetracked and waylade by lost more gaming goodness on the day.

See you at Salute !!!!

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