Monday, 23 May 2016

Mantic Open Day

Saturday just gone saw me attend Mantics open day. This was the first of these events I had attended and as the majority of my friends were at Warhammer World on a Blood Bowl Tourney I was on my own (que sympathy) anyway I arrived nice and early and ended up chatting to Ronnie Renton about the Walking Dead miniatures gave over a bacon butty! Ronnie also ran back inside and got some of the production plastics of the miniatures that will be released and I have to say they are immense. I am a huge fan of the comic book and these minis are just the perfect embodiment of the comic characters. 
The doors finally opened and somehow I was lucky enough to receive 2 of the exclusive Teraton Shock Trooper minis for Deadzone - which the open day was primarily showing off in its second edition. 
I bought Deadzone first time round but wasn't that've enamoured with it but I got to play a couple of demos which led to me buying the new box set (just can't resist the shiny)
I took part in the painting comp, speed painting a stage 3A plague troop thingy. Not a bad result I think but nothing compared to a few other of the entries. 
A couple of Mantic pathfinders were running a Deadzone scenery contest where you got a bag full of bits and had to build something cool. This was tons of fun and the amount of different builds were superb. Unfortunately I forgot to take pics. Even better though is that you got to keep the scenery you built. Cheers Mantic. 
After a demo of the Walking Dead (brilliant game and can't wait to get my Kickstarter stuff) I sat in on a seminar/Q & A session about the Walking Dead game and got to find out about the production details and spoke with Mark Latham about how the rules were put together. 
Overall a very good day out. 
Deadzone Diorama
Kings of War
Dungeon Quest

Deadzone Demo Board

Deadzone Demo Board 2
My Painting Comp Entry
Painted versions of the Walking Dead Miniatures

The Walking Dead Plastic Minis - these are identical to what will be retail



  1. A cracking day out and good to hear positive things about the Walking Dead as that is heading my way at some point.

  2. This sounded like a cracking day, I like the sound of this, I even have some original comics around here somewhere?

  3. Sounds like an excellent trip. Since my interest in zombies rose lately WotD will be hard to resist...

  4. Any idea on a rough UK release date for the new ver mynn stuff? Or at least a restock of the current/oop stuff?

  5. Any idea on a rough UK release date for the new ver mynn stuff? Or at least a restock of the current/oop stuff?