Saturday, 6 December 2014

BloodBowl Match - Black Mountain Bloodjaws vs Darkfleet Assassins

Moving away from normal league games the Black Mountain Bloodjaws lined up against the Dark Elves for a Cup game. The Assassins have had a brilliant run so far, going unbeaten in all games.

This would be a tough match up against their fast, leaping, agilty type star players but hopefully the Orcs could overcome this and cripple the evil pointy eared bastards!

The weather was typical nice bloodbowl weather and the Orcs had the advantage in fans. The coin toss went the way of the Dark Elves and they elected to kick first.

The teams lined up and the ball was kicked. The fans went wild and the Orcs gained a Re-Roll. The Bloodjaws started their drive and instantly started putting the hurt on the Assassins, sending a lineelf straight into the CAS box.

An Orc Blitzer burst forward and managed to KO another Assassin player whilst the Dark Elves were reeling and losing focus another Orc attack stormed forward and CAS'd yet another Dark Elf, the crowd howled with delight as he looked like he was Dead but the Apocathary signaled it was only a Serious Injury.

The rest of the first half got worse for the Assassins, as players were KO'd at a whim and the Orcs slowly ground forward scoring right at the whistle TOUCHDOWN!! 1-0 to the Bloodjaws.

The Assassins were fortunate and most of their players recovered from KO's and took to the field. The ball was kicked and the Bloodjaws got a Blitz but couldnt take much advantage.

The Assassins tried moving the ball using their star runner, who managed to Dump Off the ball quite well everytime he was blocked.

Unfotunately the Assassins just couldnt use their agility to their advantage and the Orcs seriously dominated the field and finally managed to gain possession of the ball. With very few Dark Elf players concious or in a postion to stop the Orcs, an Orc Blitzer dashed out of some tackle zones but failed to Go For It right at the line, falling over and missing out on scoring for a two nil win.

The Orcs still jubilant though with the Win go onto progress to the Cup semi-Finals.


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