Monday, 8 December 2014

A Veterans Battlefield Tour Part 1 - Pegasus Bridge

At the beginning of this month I along with 8 others members of the Army Platoon that I am currently serving with, took a trip to Caen, France to visit Pegasus Bridge, Merville Battery and Ranville War Cemetary.

The main reason for the Battlefield Tour was to commemerate the dual anniversaries of the WW1 Centenery and the 70th Anniversary of D-Day.

All members are ex-service from all 3 Forces, Army, Royal Navy and Royal Airforce and we paid hommage by wearing our old headdress and capbabdges as well as medals (unfortunately my medals were not mounted properly in time and I am incredibly dissapointed and the company have had a right blasting)

These are some of the photos taken from the visit to the Pegasus Bridge Memorial Museum and the replacement bridge as well as the cafe (which was the first building to be liberated)

Vidette - Centaur Tank

In memory

Ex members of RGJ, Royal Anglian, RN, Myself (ex RGJ, RCT, RLC, RAF), LI, 3 Para, Black Watch, RAF, Royal Ghurka Rifles

Part 2 - Ranville War Cemetary and Merville Battery.


  1. I visited last year and that was quite a nice little museum. I unfortunately missed the Café Gondrée, the tour I was on skipped that :-(

    1. This was the second time I had visited, but the first to the museum. Last time was 20 years ago when my unit helped organize the 50th anniversary of D-Day.


  2. Pegasus Bridge
    I--Une Histoire vraie à diffuser

    2--Un Musée volé - Un scandale à dénoncer

    NOUVEAU : L’Usurpation

    Musée de Pegasus Bridge & Batterie de Merville

    BP 5
    14860 Ranville