Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Spectre Ops has Landed

Spectre Miniatures was another Kickstarter I got involved with. Dealing primarily (to begin with)with the African theatre and Special Ops. They ran a very successful campaign and have managed to send out the miniatures and other reward bits on time (which is a damn site better than most kickstarters)

Spectre have gone the extra mile with their miniatures and rules, making sure that they are as close to reality as they can. The weapons sculpts are fantastic and so proportionate to the miniature that you dont have clunky oversized guns.

The rules centre on three tiers of protagonists (Elite, Professional and Militia) with differnt points costs for each along with weapon and equipment loadouts. This means you can have 4 highly tooled up Elite SAS troopers against 20 odd Militia and its a balanced match up.

Below are the miniatures I pledged for as well as the freebies such as weapon caches and High Value targets (to be used in scenarios) - crisp sculpts, next to no mold lines or flash, weapons are a bit thin but strong as I had to bend a few back and none have snapped. Very pleased and look forward to more from this range.

Militia Advancing 1 FN Rifle and 3 x AK-47

MIlitia with RPG-7

Militia Support, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, Uzi and LMG

Militia with LMG's

Mad Militia Firing Frenzy!

Warlords and Bigmen

African Paramilitary all AK's

SAS Recce Patrol

Freebies - Bodyguard, ISA Opperative, Deniable Asset, High Value Target and Mercenary. Weapon caches



  1. Interesting, The miniature do look nice but I will pass this time. I do wish you the upmost joy with this project though.

  2. Nice! I have pre ordered a few as survivalists. If they match up with my other stuff ok I may pick up some more in the new year

  3. Fingers crossed my will shortly arrive :-) They look great and really looking forward to seeing what you do with them.