Saturday, 25 January 2014

Tomorrow's War GZG 15mm Sci Fi

Recently whilst sorting out the multitude of family junk in the loft I came across a box of old wargaming miniatures.

Inside were a load of old citadel fantasy, mostly broken and of no real use, but I also found about 20 mixed Ground Zero Games 25mm Sci Fi miniatures. This piqued my interest in this range again as they are wonderful figures. So a quick trip to GZG saw me find that they had their old Stargrunt 2 rules (written by John Tuffley and centered in whats now known as his Tuffleyverse) available as a free download.

Perfect I thought but I dont want to do another 25/28mm game as the cost is a bit much these days. But as a perfect solution GZG do their Stargrunt minis in 15mm as well.
NAC Command Section
A quick price up saw that I could realistically afford two decent sized opposing Infantry Platoons with APC/Vehicle support for under £100.

NAC Marine Section
It was during my research into 15mm Sci Fi gaming I came across Dropship Horizon a great blog and full of excellent resources and information for 15mm Sci Fi gaming. The research also pulled up that Stargrunt had nearly been superceded by Ambush Alley's rules Tomorrow's War.

NAC Marine Platoon
This set of rules are based around the the same concept and mechanics of their modern set - Force on Force. Including rules for the likes of Combat Robots, Aliens (covered more in the supplement By Dagger or Talon) and Drones/UAVs etc.

FSE Command with attached Snipers
So after ordering and receiving my copy of Tomorrow's War I set about working out two platoons. Now Tomorrow's War has its own background and fluff but I really liked the GZG Tuffleyverse so decided to base my platoons on the GZG background but centered on Tomorrow's War TO&E's (it works great)

FSE Legion Anti-Tank Section
In total I now have a New Anglian Confederation (NAC) Marine Infantry Platoon in Phalanx APC's with a few support models to attach to the Command Section, namly a Medic, a TAC (Tac Air Controller) officer and a FAO (Forward Arty Observer.

FSE Legion Recon and Scout Hovercraft
In opposition are a Federal Stats Europa (FSE) Foreign Legion Platoon in Hovercraft APC's with attached Recon Unit in Scout Hovercraft.

FSE Legion Infantry Sections
These are going to be my first ever 15mm miniatures so I have absolutely no idea how the painting will turn out (especially as Im going to try camo patterned uniforms) but hopefully I will take my time and turn out two good looking forces.

FSE Legion Platoon


  1. Having got both sets of rules I prefer Stargrunt. I am also in the (very slowly in my case) process of building two forces. So I am really looking forward to how you bring this to fruition. With luck you will inspire me to crack on with mine.

    1. Seeing you FSE platoon gave me an incentive to get into the genre. Although I prefer Tomorrow's War to Stargrunt 2.

  2. Quick tip for painting 15mm - use slightly brighter colours than you would for 28mm. With camo, go for the impression rather than trying to replicate actual patterns

    I'm looking forward to seeing these painted up.

    1. Cheers Tamsin. Although these will probably be a very slow plodding project. Hope to have some done soon for you to see.