Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Deadzone - Plague Faction

At the end of last year I posted that I was looking at getting into Mantic Games new board/miniature Sci Fi Skirmish game Deadzone.

Well after doing quite well at Christmas with my lovely family feeding my plastic/metal/restic crack habit I ended up with the Deadzone box game, an additional Reb Faction and two extra boxes of terrain.

This is my Plague starter faction all completed and I even managed to come up with some fluff for the backstory of their colour scheme.

The small moon orbiting Decimus Proxima IV had been a prison colony for as long as anyone could imagine. since the uprising against the Corporation more and more Reb prisoners had been sent there and the old guard system had been replaced by a company of local Colonial Militia from the planet below.

It was during a daring escape attempt that the alien artifact was found and activated suddenly releasing the Plague. The Corporation quickly enacted their Contaiment Protocols but for the Milita Guards and Prisoners it was too late - the Plague spread and soon Stage 3A's were managing to control the few supply shuttles and make for the Planet Decimus.

The Stage 3A's have been painted in either Orange convict overalls or Colonial Militia Fatigues with the Stage 1 and 2's obviously as uber gribblies.

Stage 1
Stage 2's
Stage 3 Plague Hounds

Stage 3A (Militia)
Stage 3A (Convicts)
Plague Family Gribbly
Next on the painting queue are the Enforcers.


  1. I really should get troops assembled and painted up.... but to be honest I am not really enjoying doing so, so I may wait a little longer. I only have the enforcers to do but still it seems a chore. Good to see yours going well though. Like the back story.

    1. Cheers Clint. I can understand your feeling. I have not enjoyed doing these as the clean up is awful and still lots of mold lines. More perserverance than anything else.

  2. Got confused reading this when I saw "next up are the enforcers" because I confused you with "anything but ones" who painted his enforcers with orange.

    I do like the idea of the prisoner convict overalls, though the skin tone you picked doesn't give much contrast. I am planning something similar for the chitin on the more advanced plague gribblies (something neutral) but I want to avoid the pinkish flesh tone.

    They look good, keep up the deadzone posts, especially any battle reports

    1. The colours contrast better in real life. Pics are crap as taken with Iphone.

    2. Glad to hear it, it's a brilliant fluffy idea.

      Recently backed FOLDIO, a little fold up lightbox for $40ish on kickstarter - I am not bothering to try and get decent photos until it arrives lol.