Saturday, 16 November 2013

Zombicide Season 2 - Prison Outbreak

I have been waiting for this like an excited kid waiting for Christmas/Trip to Disneyland/Becoming an Astronaut all rolled into one.

I missed out on the first Season of Zombicide but was adamant I was getting this one, however I just did not have the funds to put into the Kickstater to cover the Toxic City Mall expansion as well.

But this is my haul which the very nice Mr Postie delivered today!!!

Prison Outbreak Zombicide stand-alone game.
Zombie Dogs
Dog Companions
2 different sets of coloured dice
Season 2 Survivors and Zombivor versions
3 Kickstarter Exclusive Survivor/Zombivors
Hordes of extra Zombies/Berserker and Toxic Zombs!


  1. Brilliant now to get it all painted!

    1. Oh I know. Don't hold your breath though mate ;-) may take sooooooome time. Thinking about rebasing them as well to use in other Zomb games.