Saturday, 30 November 2013

2000AD Judge Dredd Campaign Tournament Part Two

For Part 1 of this Campaign Tournament report click here

This post will see reports for Games 4 and 5 of my recent involvement in the Judge Dredd Campaign held at Mongoose Publishing.

Game 4 vs Andrew and his Citi-Def (again) - Scrawl War Scenario.

Finally a change of table. I ended up on table 3 but due to only 6 players in the tournament it was inevitable that I would end up playing a couple of people again. This game was against Andrew and his Citi-Def again. Andrew had added a Jaeger Commando Hero to his force who would be awkward to take out due to his stealth and ability to scale buildings in one move due to a sucker/grapple gun. The scenario was Scrawl War which meant each player set out a couple of objective markers and had to spend an action to "Scrawl" (or spread Propaganda) them. Players could Scrawl and Unscrawl objectives throughout the game and at the end the winner would be the one with the most scrawls.

Both sides set up and Andrew wary of my firepower due to our previous game hugged the terrain and cover. His Jaeger scaled the tallest structure, scrawled the objective and then just as I was scrawling my nearest objective he sniped me and did quite a lot of damage to my Carbine armed Judge Pulaski.

Pulaski then scrawled his nearest objective and let rip against the Citi-Def Medic and managed to wound him. From then on for the next few turns my dice went awful but I managed to manouver my forces and scrawled another objective whilst covering the last objective. As soon as a Citi-Def member would go for it, they would enter a murderous crossfire.

Pulaski got sniped by the Jaeger again and took another wound. Bleeding heavily Pulaski backs off towards cover. Judge Grigorski with his Flamer had been working his way around to the large structure and now after riding the grav-lift, surprises the Jaeger and lets loose with a gout of fire....which completely misses the Commando out on the ledge.

The commando leaps through the window and attacks Grigorski hand to hand but the Sov Judge is stubborn and puts up a strong resistance.

The melee rages on and after an epic struggle the East Meg Judge gets the better of the Citi-Def Commando and hurls him out of the window with a malicious grin as he plummets to the ground.

Senior Judge Aaronovitch manages to gun down a Citi-Def Soldier and their Officer is hit a few times but the Medic is on hand to patch him up. The Sovs have the upper hand now and Aaronovitch backed up by a comrade charges into the Mega City Officer and Medic.

The Melee is fast, furious and deadly and as the dust settles and the cries of anguish subside both Citi-Def members are left bleeding fatally on the ground.

With the Citi-Def outfit destroyed the Sovs are free to dominate the Sector. Sovs win and all my Heroes gain enough experience to go up a level. A huge amount of credits are also obtained but I was still just behind Richard and his Mega City 1 Judges.

Game 5 vs Trish and her Ape Gang - Scrawl War Scenario.

Back on table 1 and I was up against Trish ( A GIRL!!! playing wargames who ever heard of such a thing? ) Poor Trish had not been doing too well and had been beaten in every game so far. Scenario was again Scrawl War, which should give her an advantage as the Apes can climb really easily.

Both sides move into position and Pulaski takes out a Gorilla in the Mist in one high powered burst from his carbine. In answer an Orangatan sniper puts a scrawl on an objective then snipes one of my rookie Sov Judges and takes him out with a well aimed shot.

My Judges close in on the large central ruins and shoot at a lone Chimp moving across the ruins but he deftly dodges the incoming fire. Aaronvitch shows why he is the senior Judge and takes out the high positioned Orangatan sniper while the agile Chimp charges into a Rookie Judge and clouts him with a huge club.

The Rookie, dazed and head ringing from the hard crack he just received backs off and the Chimp is then unceremoniously dispatched by a flamer to the face!

Aaronvitch guns down a Gorilla bodyguard and Pulaski takes out the Ape Gang Orangatan boss and his lifeless body collapses in the ruins, leaving the Ape Gangs last sniper to turn tail and run away.

Unfortunatley my phone battery died so only took a few pics of this game as had to charge the damn piece of technology.

The Sovs take over another sector with their propaganda and again my Heroes gain levels and a huge amount of credits leaving me just slightly behind Richards Judge force again.

As Richard is the only person I have not played yet a sense of anticipation was in the air and as the results were read out Game 6 would be a re-run of the Apocalypse War - East Meg 1 vs Mega City 1.

Games 6 and 7 to be posted in Part 3.


  1. Great results for these three round then! Looing forward to games 6 and 7

    1. Cheers Simon. Game 6 was especially fun. Game 7 was just scary!!

  2. Another great AAR I will look forward to part 3. Second overall so far is not bad at all.

    1. Thanks Clint. Aye second going into the last few games wasnt bad. You might enjoy the last post.