Sunday, 5 May 2013

Star Wars X-Wing Wave 3

Oh yes, the next wave of single starship expansions for X-Wing!

The HWK-290, Lambda-class Shuttle, B-Wing and TIE Bomber. Each of these expansions comes with a detailed miniature starship, accurately rendered at the same 1/270 scale as the game’s other ships, and will no doubt include multiple ship cards, upgrades, maneuver dial, and all the necessary tokens as pervious ships.

The HWK-290 comes with four ship cards for a Rebel Operative and three unique pilots, including the renowned Kyle Katarn, who can assign his focus tokens to friendly ships. Additionally, each HWK-290 can be outfitted with a turret weapon and a crew member, and the expansion provides you with six upgrade options, including the unique Moldy Crow (Expanded Universe) title card, representing Kyle Katarn’s signature starship.

Imperial fleets gain the support of the new Lambda-class Shuttle. This starship expansion includes four ship cards, featuring three unique pilots. For example, Captain Kagi can divert enemy target locks from your other ships and force your opponent to fire against his shuttle and its five shields.

Also new to this wave of expansions is a new type of upgrade, the system upgrade. System upgrades appear with both the Lambda-class Shuttle and B-Wing, and they give players more control over the game by reducing the potential risks. For example, when your ship is defending against an attack, the Sensor Jammer allows you to convert one of your opponent’s results.

The B-Wing allows you to equip any of its four ship cards with an impressive array of upgrades. Each B-wing can be outfitted with a system upgrade, a cannon, and up to two torpedoes, including the hard-hitting Advanced Proton Torpedoes. With its five shields and ability to barrel roll, the B-wing is built to get up close and personal in even the thickest of combats.

Last but by no way least the TIE bomber is capable of delivering a massive payload. Not as agile or fast as other TIE variants, TIE bombers can carry enough firepower to destroy virtually any enemy target. Each TIE bomber is capable of carrying two torpedoes, two missiles, and one bomb.



  1. They certainly look great not familiar with the HWK-290 which film is that from?

    1. Its Kyle Katarns ship from the Expanded Universe books mate. Dont think I will bother getting it.

  2. The HWK-290 features in the Dark Forces video game and books series. I like it, but I will probably only get one. It's useful as a stand-in for the shuttle in the intro scenario and I like to have different sorts of "civilian" vehicles for my rebel forces. Not every freighter is an YT-1300 :-)