Monday, 25 February 2013

Tor Gaming - Relics - Britanan Force Update

I have just completed my Britanan Force Update for February. It consists of 6 x Highlanders @ 17pts each, making this nice little unit 102pts.

Just to clarify again, back in December, Gavin from Tor Gaming issued on the forum a paint along with Gav challenge, where you would would paint a 400pt force from either Britanan (Georgian Army Puppets) Nuem (Sadistic pain loving stunted dwarves) Vaetir (Evil psycho faeries) and Orcnar (Big hulking earthborn brutes)

So this is the third monthly instalment, with my force so far consisiting of:

1 x Arcanum Guard (Spell casting commander) 50pts
3 x Grenadiers 66pts
4 x Light Dragoons 48pts
6 x Troopers 42pts
6 x Highlanders 102pts

Total: 308

March will see my last unit of six Troopers, a Company Sergant Major and an Independant Marksman for total 101pts

Making my four month Force a Total of 409pts (only nine points over, not bad going methinks)

Anyway pics!


Whole force so far

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  1. Nice work Carl, They are a very characterful bunch of mini's