Friday, 18 January 2013

Tor Gaming - Relics Kickstarter Preview

Next week, Tor Gaming will be introducing a new kickstarter campaign for their game system Relics.
For more information about the game, see my blog review here.

Tor Gaming have made changes to the way pledges work compared to most campaigns. Each direct pledge will give you money to spend in the Relics kickstarter online store to the value of your pledge plus a percentage extra, the Britanan list is shown below as its my main force and you can see some of my painted miniatures here. The top two pledge levels offer some special rewards for anyone who fancies lunch and some games with Gavin Moorcroft (Tor Gamings boss and the creator of this deranged StitchPunk world of Relica) and for £750, you get to be made into a Britanan puppeteer figure, your 28mm avatar will grace tabletop battlefields everywhere!!!
As you can see in this llist, all the current ranges are displayed, as are some that were unlocked in the previous Indigogo campaign (I got a lovely ammount of the New Faction Nuem), and it shows the Bomber, which is one of the primary goals for the campaign. I already own the majority of these models, but if we look at the list as an example, you could order the CSM1, 3 packs of Troopers (as the unit max is 9 miniatures) the Colour Party, a pack of Grenadiers and two packs of Dragoons (full unit of 4) this would come to £50, as you get a bonus amount on top of your pledge to spend you could then add one more pack for free.

Like all campaigns, Relics kickstarter has a main goal outlined from the start, and when the inital goal is reached, stretch goals can be added and if these are smashed more goodies will be unlocked.

The project target goals are shown below:

When this goal is reached, the first Stretch goal unlocked will comprise of the following models for our joy:

Smashing stretch goals and pouring cash into Tor's coffers will enable the sculpting of more profiles from the rulebook.  Gav tells us that should the campaign surpass that level then it will enable the sculpting of the first models of the planned new factions for the game; The Ridend (Beaky Goblins) and the C'thu! (Tentacles baby)
As you can see from my review post and the paint along with Gav every month, I am committed to getting a decent ammount of miniatures and having a long involvement with this game. I encourage anyone else to get on board.
Its a cracking game!


  1. I shall look into this further. So please post as and when more info comes availible.

  2. I really like the style of this range. I'll watching with interest.