Sunday, 20 January 2013

Bloodbowl Match Atrocity Exhibition vs Brimstone Shadows

The first Bloodbowl game of 2013 for Atrocity and the penultimate game in the league, before going onto the finals.

Atrocity was going up against the Shadows a fast, agile High Elf team, that could also hit hard! Stuart their coach was a guy I have know for many, many years but I hate to be personal but I really dislike playing him as he is 'one of those guys' we spend more time during the games with him questioning every move, every rule (even though played the game for years!) and looking a copies of rosters just to make sure you do have the skills you say your using! but complains when you wish to check.

I never usually complain about an opponent as I treat games as GAMES - win/lose/draw/utterly destroyed etc... our hobby has ups and downs. One game you will roll 6 every time and wipe the floor with the opposition - other times you will role nothing but double 1's or double skulls. Hell one Bloodbowl game in a large tournament, every 3 dice block I threw ended up Triple Skulls!!!

Anyway onto the match. Atrocity once again overwhelmed the stands with a horde of undead fans and even the pouring rain couldnt dampen their spirts (ok bad pun)

The High Elves positioned their defence and readied themselves for the onslaught. The ball was kicked and as it floated in the air the clouds parted revealing clear blue skies. one of Atrocitys ghouls collected the ball and the drive was on. Pointy Ear'd Shadow players were thrown around the pitch and even a few were KO'd off the pitch but half way through the drive, the Ghoul with the ball got overzealous trying to help out a Zomibe putting the hurt on a Shadow Linesman and was caught out of position. One Fairy Elf slap later and he hit the deck, the ball popped free and the Shadows Thrower in perfect postion scooped up the ball, danced out of range of some Zombies and popped a short pass over the Undead line to a loose High Elf Blitzer.

Unable to catch the fleet footed Blitzer the Shadows ran in to score TOUCHDOWN! 0-1.

Atrocity seething at their blatent mistake howled into the Elves and started to really dominate the last part of the first half. A Wight took out a Lineman CAS and one of the Mummies ripped apart a Catcher CAS.

With a diminishing team, the Shadows couldnt keep the Undead tide closed down and finally right at the end of the half Atrocity scored TOUCHDOWN 1-1.

Secend half and Atrocity kicked to the Elves. The ball sailed high into the air and then dropped into the waiting hands of the Shadows Thrower. A few unbelievable dodges through a dense Zombie defence saw an Elf player loose again and soon with their constant high agility the Brimstone Shadows scored again TOUCHDOWN 1-2.

However, dont leave the mighty undead time to come back into the match as you might regret it. Atrocity spent 6 turns smashing, fouling and generally ripping apart the High Elves, more CAS and KO's depleted the danger of dodging pointy ear'd freaks holding up Atrocity and one massive gang foul resulted in a poor Elf Lineman being KILLED and ZOMBIFIED! Atrocity at this time had no problems finally running in to score TOUCHDOWN 2-2.

So a draw at the end. I could say I should have won but made the mistake in the beginning with the Ghoul ball carrier, but truth be told I made the mistake because of Stuarts whining right from turn 2 and just wanted to cripple his team! Its Bloodbowl - it wont always go the way you want and as I said win/lose/draw its just a game.

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  1. A game that went to and fro then. I think its like a group dynamic when people are like that every group I've been a part of there's always been a stickler/whiner.