Thursday, 20 December 2012

Tor Gaming - Relics - Britanan Force

Tor Gaming recently started a paint along with Gav thread on their forums. This was to be set over four months and each month anyone who signed up, was to paint 100pts worth of models for their chosen faction.

I chose the Britanan's which are basically Stitchpunk Puppet Soldiers styled along the lines of the 18th Century (ish) British Solider. If you wish for more background/fluff on the world of Relics and the different factions, use the link at the very beginning of this post (you can download the rules for free!)

So my chosen force for the month of December:

1 x Arcanum Royal Guard (Command figure and spell caster) - 50pts
2 x Light Dragoons (Mounted Unit) - 12pts each
6 x Puppet Troopers - 7pts each

Total - 116pts (I know just a tadge over)

Arcanum Royal Guard
Light Dragoons
Puppet Troopers
For King Jorge and the Realm!!

 For January I am going to do:

2 x Light Dragoons (Mounted Unit) - 12pts each
3 x Grenadiers - 22pts each

Total: 90pts

Running Total: 206pts (still slightly over but hey whats 6pts!)

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  1. These look great and characterful. Look forward to some AAR's