Sunday, 23 December 2012

Mongoose Publishing - Judge Dredd Skirmish Games

I visited Peterborough Wargames Club recently and met up with Chaos Child (on the Mongoose Forums) to indulge in a few games of Mongoose Publishing new Judge Dredd skirmish game.

After the recent success of their Kickstarter and being a huge 2000AD fan I was really looking forward to playing this and I had lots of the old Citadel Judge Dredd miniatures ready to use, until I get round to painting up the new pile of lead I am expecting in the New Year.

There were 3 of us in the end and we played three, 3 sided games. I used Don Uggies Ape gang for the first game, then Mega-City 1 Judges for the next two.

Rob (Chaos Child) used Brit Cit Judges for the first game, then used Ape's whist Dan used his Robot gang for the whole three games.

We managed to get 3 game sin mainly due to the fact that every game was over by Turn 4 and they were all a complete slaughterfest. The Robots managed to win every game!!!

The First game was set up and my Apes used their agility to skip around the hover vehicles, ready to take out the Brit Cit Judges whilst the Robots slowly advance down the main street from the Podtell on the right hand side.

The Brit Cit Judges, slightly outnumbered split up with the Para (Psi) Judge moving into the building and getting a bead on the Apes after they had miserably failed trying to take him out. The other Judge and the Detective advanced on the Robots.

The Para Judge systematically began taking out Apes with ease until he was finally taken out with a knife to the back and the other Judges were slowly picked off by the Robots, with the Combat Droid making good use of its inbuilt Long Rifle.

So Robots win as the Apes were decimated and the Judges were all taken out.

Game two and we all moved round the board into new starting positions. My Judges now set up in the same place as the Brits had previously. Robs Apes were in the Robots old deployment area and the Bots moved into Don Uggies old territory.

My Judges obviously had only just qualified from the Academy of Law and were not as Street Wise as they should be. Both the Apes and the Robots took them out quickly with ease, even with my Psi Judges psychic defences up! and then the Bots went to town, again with the Combat Droid on the Apes, forcing the Apes to fail their Will to Fight - so they ran.

Again both other forces were either taken out or legged it, so the Robots won. That Combat Droid needed seriously dismantling.

Game three and we played move around the table again. My Judges ended up deployed in the Podtell (I thought the height advantage would help - WRONG!!) the Robots were in the old Apetown and the Apes were just off to the left of them.

So my brilliant deployent! too high, too far away and couldnt get in range quickly enough so had to let the Bots and Ape's slug it out a few turns whislt I redeployed. Only problem.....yep that bloody Comabt Droid again. Aimed, Long Rifle shot took out my main Judge in one shot, then my Psi Judge tried to jump from the Podtell to a neigbouring rooftop, only to fail the Agility check and went plummeting to her death.

The Droids again slowly advanced but the Ape's made it a bit harder this game and managed to take out the Junk Bot, only to see it was just a useless piece of scrap that had been blown off and the Junk Bot rose to its feet! it took the concerted efforts of 3 Ape's to finally Scrap that walking Junk pile. But the Robots had the advantage and managed to gain a hat-trick for the night.

All in all great fun, one-off games. Hopefully in the New Year a full campaign will be put together.

You can download the FREE rule book and Block War Expansion (being updated, not finished article yet) here: Judge Dredd Rule Book and Expansion


  1. Nice batrep. That table looks awesome!

  2. That table also looks familiar :D :D Hope you can make it to the club again soon.

  3. The distinctive building in this report reminds me of Space House, off of Kingsway, Central London...