Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Bloodbowl Match Atrocity Exhibition vs Finbar Utd

Well I have lapsed slightly in writing up this latest match report in the continuing exploits of the Atrocity team, mainly due to suffering from sever crippling back pain recently. Fortunately after having a great wife who has done practically everything for the last week or so and the wonders of Diazipam I am sort of mobile again and can get this match written up before taking on my next opponent on the 8th November 2012.

Atrocity had stormed to three wins out of three in their divisional group and the fourth match was a cross division game against the Chaos Pact team Finbar Utd.

This team of mismatched team of monsters and men had not only a Chaos Troll but also an Ogre, and with a few extra funds afforded to them for this game decided that just for the hell of it why not get a Minotaur as well.

Add these to the marauders that make up the numbers and a sneaky long legged pointy ear'd freak (Dark Elf) I thought I could just maybe be crunched abit. Then again I do have two awesome strength 5 Mummies that can do alot of damage mwhahahaha.

Atrocity's fans again turned up in serious numbers and a mouldering stentch pervailed in the nice weather. Both teams set up and Atrocity booted the ball high into the air. Finbar's resident cheat (I mean Dark Elf) raced over and plucked the ball out of the sky and moves into the centre of the field, where the Marauders cage up around him. The mercenary Minotaur let out a howl and blitzed into a lone Wight trying to push him of the field but in his frenzy misjudged a tackle zone and KO'd himself whilst attempting a dodge.

The centre of the pitch turns into a huge bashy scrum, until the Dark Elf runs out and attempts a pass to a loose Marauder. Unfortuntely the Dark Elf had not realised his hands had been chewed on by a Ghoul and ended up with a double fumble. The Undead surge towards the ball - the Ogre and Troll both get downed and a Mummie blitzes the Dark Elf and gets a CAS!!

The bashing carries on and a Wight Blitzes a Marauder attempting to recover the ball - another CAS, the Troll lurches upto a Zombie and punches, punches himself that is, double skull, falls over, cracks his head and another CAS.

Finbar are falling like nine-pins. A Zombie fouls the Ogre but only gets sent off and finally a Wight collects the ball and runs in for a TOUCHDOWN. 1-0 Atrocity at the end of the half.

Second half and Finbar kick off. Atrocity take a quicksnap and the Ghouls make their move but end up butterfingering a pass and catch play. A Wight goes for a foul on a Marauder and kills him DEAD but the Necromancer has a bad day and no new Zombie booooo! The Ghouls quickly control the ball and a TOUCHDOWN is scored again 2-0 Atrocity.

The last couple of turns ended up as a dire farce, with a Zombie being sent off, ball pick-up's failed and a couple of double skulls thrown in for good measure.

So end of game four and another good win for Atrocity Exhibition.


  1. Stacks of casualties for you and clearly Nuffle spurned the Chaos pact that day with some very bad dice - another great win! Congrats!