Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Bloodbowl Match Atrocity Exhibition vs Harganeth Heartbreakers

As stated in my last Bloodbowl match report, I had recently been suffering crippling back pain due to an old Skydiving injury so please forgive the fact that only match reports are being posted on this blog - I have not been able to do much hobby stuff and have only been able to catch up on league Bloodbowl matches that need playing.

After seeing off the Chaos Pact team in a cross Divisional match the Atrocity were again pitched against a cross divisional team.

This time they made their way to the cold and wind blasted land of Naggaroth and were hosted by the evil, malice filled Dark Elves of Harganeth.  Not caring where they play, Atrocity managed to get a +2 FAME advantage mainly due to their Necromancer raising undead fans along every part of their journey.

Now I played Dark Elves countless times and used them quite successfully in NAF ranked tournaments so was fairly confident I could counter them even though the majority of my team is slow. The Heartbrreakers were on a decent run of wins as well and had a well skilled up Runner as well as an AG5 Blitzer. My main tactic after finiding I had won the toss and elected to receive first was to drain his team all first half and try and cause damage before scoring, then try and get him to score quick in the second half, giving me time to grind a 2-1 win.

Pouring rain whipped into the stadium and the howls of the undead were heard as the Heartbreakers kick high. A Ghoul ran across and picked the ball out of the storm ridden sky. The first half was on and Atrocity piled in. A Mummy but the hurt on the Runner and KO'd him, whilst the other Mummy blitzed the AG5 player and gained a CAS only to see the Dark Elf Apo weave his magik and he went back into the reserves.

Another Heartbreaker Blitzer found himself pushed into the undead crowd and was Seriously Injured with a Gouged Eye.  With the Dark Elves backing off and trying to contain Atrocity a few more ended up KO'd and a Ghoul ran in on Turn 8 for a score. TOUCHDOWN 1-0 Atrocity.

Most of the Heartbreaker players in the KO box stummbled back onto the pitch and the Second Half commenced. Atrocity kicked and in a twist from the weather gods the Sun suddenly blazed over the stadium, having to cover your eyes was going to make it difficult to pass the ball.

The Heartbreakers started moving the ball around looking to make a play down one of the flanks, bad positioning due to lack of numbers though meant a Wight managed to Blitz the ball carrier. The ball was loose and after some scuffle a Ghoul pops up with it and storms into the backfield and manages to score. TOUCHDOWN 2-0 Atrocity.

So with the turnover and score advantage the Dark Elves through caution to the wind, their play became eratic and their Runner ended up on the end of a Wights spike mailed fist CAS. the Apo already thinking his job had been done earlier had left the stadium and was later found in a back street Slanneshi pleasure house, unfortunately for the Runner this left him DEAD!!!! the Necromancer grinned and weaved his dark spells, another Zombie slowly rose up and faced his old team Mwhahahahah.

The Heartbreakers tried the flank again and got into Atrocitys territory but just couldnt contain the full assault of the Undead and again the ball was turned over. With heartrendering ease Atrocity scored again. TOUCHDOWN 3-0. The game ended and the remaining Dark Elves gazed at the Undead with deep seated Malice promising revenge!

Atrocity's next game will be 15/11/12 against a very poor Goblin team. Expect either a complete walkover or an embarrasing defeat (he will have at least 700,000 Gold for Inducements!!)


  1. Wow you certainly are on a winning streak sir!

  2. Brutal! Glad we don't have to face you in our League!!!