Saturday, 27 October 2012

Frothers 4th semi-annual charity mini... Judge Minty

UPDATE: Donations open now...

and it's a humdinger...

Dags over on Frothers wrote:

The official start of the Frothers' Charity thingy isn't until early next week but, as it's already on the web, here's the green for the next figure (sculpted by Kev White of Hasslefree Miniatures)...


For those interested in the background to the mini have a look here:

I'll post how you can get a copy once we go live.

But there is a Facebook page for those not FBphobic (or Frotherphobic!)...

Judge Minty

Dags over on Frothers wrote:

This year’s Charity mini is a sculpt of the eponymous hero of the forthcoming Fan Film Judge Minty sculpted by Kev White of Hasslefree Miniatures based on the character written by John Wagner that introduced The Long Walk in 1980.

There will be approximately 400 Judge Mintys cast – 200 in Metal and 200 in Trollcast.

As always, there are numerous people that deserve huge thanks for getting this project off the ground….

The cast and crew of Judge Minty, in particular, Steven Sterlacchini, Steve Green, Daniel Carey-George and, Minty himself, Edmund Dehn – without them it would not be happening.

Matt Sprange from Mongoose Publishing and the guys at Rebellion for allowing us to infringe on Mongoose’s license and 2000AD’s IP. Again, without Matt’s help this would not be happening.

Kev White for the sculpting (and Sally for letting him do it!)

Pete Brown and Ed Fortae for the casting

Ian ‘Geronimo’ Brumby for the bases

So how do you get your Judge Minty mini?

Easy…. Make a donation to one or both of the Just Giving Sites:

MS Society -

Cancer Research -

Then, and this is the important bit because it’s changed from past years, send an e-mail to with;

1. Your Name
2. The address you want the mini sent to
3. Your Just Giving reference number
4. Your preference as to Metal or Trollcast or both

You won’t get an instant reply but will get an e-mail informing you of dispatch

There is no minimum donation per se. I've always hated telling people what they should give; it should be what you can afford but if you would like multiple copies I'd suggest £15 per mini – all money is going to the charity of your choice.

However, to shamelessly cash in on the Kickstarter fever that appears to be gripping most at the moment, the more you donate, the more you’ll get…. The first extra will be an exclusive Frothcity 1 base designed and cast by Ian (Fenris Games) Brumby (assuming he’s still alive and hasn't died of pleurisy!) that will go to everyone donating £25 or more. There’ll be more, hopefully to follow.

Postage is being covered by a mystery Frother but, especially if you’re outside the UK, take that into account when making your donation and add in a little extra £/$ etc.

When will you get your miniatures?
Even though we’re a bit more organised than usual these things take time especially as everyone is doing this in their spare time around their usual work.

Firstly Grey Matter will be moulding and casting a few in resin. Then he'll be of to Pete for Master moulding & master casting. Those masters are then shipped off to Ed in the States. Production moulding and casting and return shipping all takes time especially with the holiday season approaching. Hopefully they’ll be going out in late February.

Lastly, a huge thank you to you guys; without your generosity we’d never be able to continue.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

5000 HITS

Just a very quick post to say a huge thank you to everyone who has taken this infrequent meandering little blog to 5000 hits.

Needless to say, after investing largly into Mongoose Publishing Judge Dredd Kickstarter, I like many others have flitted butterfly like from my many projects to this one. Although I am now waiting on the many different miniatures that are being produced.

Hopefully this week will see the next Bloodbowl game for Atrocity Exhibition and the start of my 1000 point German Fallschirmjager force for Boltaction.

Again a big thank you to everyone who has taken the time to peruse this small outpouring of my obsessions.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Judge Dredd Miniatures Game - Mongoose Publishing

A quick update to go with my previous post. Mongoose Publishing have hosted up some more pictures of forthcoming miniatures for their overly successful Judge Dredd Kickstarter campaign.

 First up is a new Street Judge armed with 2 Lawgivers. Ideal for that extra bit of firepower.

… then the Special Weapons Judge will be just what you need, armed here with a Widowmaker – a combined shotgun and SMG. The Justice Department will have need for such weaponry, as there are many new enemies coming to Mega-City One.

Finally, Mega City 1 will be over-run by the Zombie Horde! These models use the plastics from Mantic Games as a base (supplied in the box set!), with new Mega-City One parts to give them suitable heads, bodies and fashionable (but rotting) kneepads!

For the first time as well a new force I know a great many of you have been looking forward to – the East Meg Invasion Force, straight from the pages of the Apocalypse War story. Left-to-right and top-to-bottom, we have a Satellat, a small robot assigned to high-ranking officers and agents as a floating bodyguard, followed by two Sov Judges, one armed with a Heavy Carbine the other with a Flamethrower. Then we have the mighty Sentenoid, a rampaging robot designed to break the back of an enemy in an assault – equipped with two Spit Guns, a Flamethrower and crushing robotic arms, it is capable of exactly that!

On the bottom row, we have two Sov Judges armed with their Krashnikov sidearm, as they might appear on the streets of East Meg-1, and what I think will be many people’s favourite in this force, a Senior East Meg Judge. Finally, an East Meg Officer, someone more interested in politics than war, but nevertheless holds the fear of all men who serve under him!

More new forces are being put together right now, including the Demonic Cabal (full of frightened cultists who have no idea what they are doing!), the Dark Judges, Mechanismo robots, Judges from other Mega-Cities, biker gangs, and much more. Stay tuned, as life in Mega-City One is about to get very interesting!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Judge Dredd - Kickstarter updates

Well its now less than a day left of the Mongoose Publishing - Judge Dredd Miniatures Game Kickstarter and its looking like its going to top $90,000!

There have been some fantastic miniatures lined up for this, with the introduction of Judges from other Mega-Cities around the World, Sov invasion forces and Judge Death and the Dark Judges. Also it now looks like Resin vehicles are going to be available with the Introduction of the Manta Prowl Tank and Pat Wagon.

Here are a few pics of some forthcoming greens.

These are the new greens for the Citi-Def Box set including a Medic, Officer, Jager Commando and Heavy Weapons.

New Justice Dept Pat wagon

Justice Dept Manta Prowl Tank

Judge Death and Mortis greens, with a superb looking green for Nemesis the Warlock (not part of Kickstarter booo)

Also, new multi-headed Klegg, New Street Judge which will have weapon options and a nicely painted Walter the Robot.

So looking forward to receiving all my new goodies once this finishes and looks like life on the streets of Mega-City 1 is going to be violent !!!!

Update this post with this green of a Zombie Judge - GRUD DAM AWESOME!!!
Another green's update, this time two female Judge's - Demarco and PSI Judge Anderson. Demarco is rather nice but unfortunately I think the Anderson mini is overly butch looking.

Secrets of the Third Reich - Tournament Round-up

My Faust Werewolf force
Well, what a weekend at the Wargames Show in Derby. The show was really good with a host of traders and some fantastic demo and participation games. As I was taking part in the tournament I did not really have much time for shopping or extra gaming and Im sure other Bloggers who made it to the show will post up photos off what was going on.
German force I played in last game

Over the weekend the tournament consisted of five games, three on Saturday and two on Sunday. I unfortunately got so involved with the games I forgot to take photos during them!
All games were played on a 6' x 4' table and tables were randomised for every game so everyone got to play on different scenery.

US Force with Captain American
Game 1: Recon scenario using 15 points from our full 55 points force. This scenario saw both sides set up opposite each other and the aim was to get more of your force off the opposing table each than the other player.

I was using my Werewolves and some Wolf Runners whilst my Opponent was using Soviet Survivors. Unfortunately Soviet Survivors are unarmoured and my force are fast and big snarly combat monsters. The game was over quite quickly with his whole force decimated and I only lost one Werewolf. Major Victory.

German SS Armoured force

Game 2: Night Fight scenario using full 55 points. This scenario played at night limited vision for shooting to 18" but as I was Werewolves etc.. I had Hyper Senses and Infra Red etc.. no disadvantage to me. The main aim of this game was to take prisoners - any model that was taken out or put down in close combat would be a prisoner and each player had to get more than the other to achive victory conditions.

US force I played in game 3
I was up against Soviets again and this game was a bit more deadly, with both sides managing to kill stuff before getting into close combat. It was actually quiet difficult to try and gain a prisoner until I got a break with my Drop Troops and managed to get one.
That was the only prisoner of the game but it was enough again to win. Major Vicory.

Soviet Spider Mech force
Game 3: Alien Tech scenario. Full 55 points and in this scenario an objective counter was placed in the middle of the table with each player placing another two each, outside their deployment zones. When a counter was recoverd a D6 was rolled to see if that counter was the Tech, 1-5 it was nothing, a 6 and Tech was gained. The side that recovered the Tech then needed a 1 or 2 on a D6 in the end phase to recover it and game ended.

British Temple force with Flesh Golems
This time I was up aginst a US Armoured Force with a big Scary Heavy Armoured Mech. using my Werewolves and their fast abilities the counters were quickly secured but the Tech was not revealed. After both of us had found four counters and no Tech the last counter naturally had to be it. It was just outside my deployment area, ideal for me but also slap bang in the line of sight of my opponents Heavy Mech, with its Heavy Gun! Three turns I tried to get the counter and my opponent kept hitting with his Heavy Gun, this thing throws out a 5" template which pretty much slaughters anything under it.
Finally last turn of the game and the Heavy misses, all down to a die roll! and I got a 2! relief, game ends and I win. Major Victory.
Game 4: Gain Ground scenario. Full 55 points and this scenario has the table divided up into different zones. Points are scored for controlling each zone at the end of the game, more points obviously for controlling a zone on your opponents side.
My opponent in this game had practically the same force as I had but without Drop Troops. These could help me gain advantage by Dropping into his zones and as long as I managed to remove his units I should get the the victory points.
With pretty much similar forces, this game went all the way to the time limit with very little indication on who had won at the end. An umpire was called and he sorted the units in the different zones and I was awarded the win. Minor Victory.
Game 5: All out Kill scenario. Full 55 points and basically kill as much of the opposing force as you can, victory points for causing 100% 50% and 25% casualties.

I was up against a German force played by the same opponent I had played in the last game of the 2011 tournament. This game was practically a carbon copy of that game, same opponent, same scenario, same table and even deployed on the same table edge. in 2011 I managed a Draw and got 2nd place in the tournament whilst he came 1st.
This time though I was utterly trounced. My deployment area was awful - wide open, whilst his had all high buildings. My Werewolves had all their advantages negated and even my Drop Troops and Mechs could gain me any respite. His Massive Mech dropped in my open deployment zone and with big guns, machine guns and flamethrowers rolled up my exposed infantry.
At the end of the game I had taken 50% casualties and only caused him 25% looking at the victory conditions I had lost. Minor Loss.
So the wait..........all the tournament points and kill points were totted up and the presentations started. My opponent in the 3rd game won best painted with his Americans (he always wins - they are superb) and I came 2nd again whislt my opponent in the last game again came 1st. 
So in total playing Secrets of the Third Reich I have a Joint 3rd place, two 2nd Places and one Tournament win. Not a bad record I think.
The photos posted are just a few of the forces that were used.


Monday, 8 October 2012

Bloodbowl Match Barak Var Rebels vs Atrocity Exhibition

Last thursday saw Atrocity take on the maniac biker stunties of Barak Var in the last of the first round of group matchs. Atrocity had won both previous games and so had the Rebels. This game had the makings of a right old slug fest - with the Undead using their strength and skills to overpower the solid block happy squats!

With the slight disparagy of team value, the Rebels drafted in Grim Ironjaw and even managed to coax a wizard to supply a nice little Zapppp spell as well.

The weather in the olde world was nice for this time of year and albeit the game was at the Barak Var mountain stadium, hordes of mouldering corpses lined the stands giving Atrocity an overwhelming advantage in fans.

The Ref blew for the start of the game and Atrocity kicked towards the Rebels, suddenly the undead crowd erupted and surged onto the pitch to flatten half the Dwarf team.

By the time the ref and other officials had cleared the pitch of festering remains Atrocity had shambled into the Rebels half and were seriously threatening the Dwarven ball carrier.

Atrocity then set up their famous Zombie wall and used their specialist players to cause serious damage to the dwarfs and finally came away with the ball. Right on Atrocity's last turn they scored TOUCHDOWN 1-0 to the Undead.

2nd Half and Atrocity received the ball from the kick. After losing the ball in the first half the Rebels suddenly found their fists and started to cause some hurt to the Undead. A Zombie was CAS'd off the field but fortunately regen'd and was ready to come back on if needed.

Incensed by this blatent regard for Undead rights Atrocity tore into the Dwarfs and made the most of controlling the ball for the whole half and dismissing short bearded stunties left, right and centre.

Atrocity crossed the line and scored TOUCHDOWN 2-0 leaving the Rebels only one turn for a consalation drive. The Zombies set up and in a moment of madness Atrocitys Star Wight decided to stept upto the line. The whistle blew, the Dwarfs piled in and when the madness had ended a smiling Rebel Blocker was stood holding the ripped off head of Atrocitys Star Blitzer - the Wight had died finally completly!!! (failed regen arghghg)

A Phyrric victory for the Atrocity, 2-0 winners but with the death of their Star Wight, they were reeling slightly. Although after totalling up the winnings and a few Undead managed to gain extra skills, a new Wight was found in the crowd and pressed into service with the team.

As Atrocitys Necromancer stated to ABC (Astronomical Broadcasting Company) reporters "One mouldering Wight doesnt make a team and we still have enough here to turn you into Zombies!!"

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Secrets of the Third Reich - Tournament

This post is just to basically show off the German force that I am going to take to the Secrets of the Third Reich Weird World War 2 Tournament that is being hosted at the forthcoming Derby World Wargames Show 6th/7th October 2012.

The competition is based on 55 resourse points and you have to include a Command Squad. You can also have upto three support elements which can consist of Historically correct Tanks and Vehicles or more outlandish and weird elements such as Mechs, Zombies, Vampires etc.. I have chosen to take a Special Character, Wolfgang Faust who is a German Special Weapons Directive Officer and a Werewolf as he allows you to take Werewolf units as standard instead as special options.

Added to this are a few specialist units like Wolf Runners who are Werewolves light and a couple of Drop Mechs with HMG's and Flamethrowers as well as an Armoured Paratrooper unit.

Snipers, a Panzerschreck and Command squads complete the outfit. I came 2nd in last year's tournament with a similar list and this is pretty much the same, only due to real life taking up too much time and not having enough money to purchase a new force.

Hopefully next tournament I can go with the Japanese themed army that I really want to do.

The Whole Force

Drop Mechs with Big Machine Guns and Flamethrowers


Howling Jagerhunds/Werewolves


Wolfgang Faust - Commander with Sharp Teeth!

Armoured Fallschirmjager

Wolf Runners

Wolf Runners

Command Squad

Tournament write-up hopefully sometime next week as well as Atrocity Exhibitions next Bloodbowl game write-up, game due to be played tonight 4th Oct 2012.