Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Bloodbowl Match Atrocity Exhibition vs Nexus Sykes

2nd match of the HDWSBBL 2012-13 league for Atrocity and this time it was against the brand new fledgling Human team Nexus Sykes. The Sykes had been humped 2-0 the week previously by a strong starting Dwarf team and the Sykes coach was pretty much a newbie at bloodbowl so I promised myself I would go fairly easy on him and would probably on some occasions help him out a little.

He had hired Morg 'N Thorg the Star Ogre player as an inducement as well as some bloodweiser babes. The fans had turned up in the thousands, mostly from the graveyards as they were all moaning and groaning for the Atrocity team (+2 Fame). The weather was nice and we were on for another good game of slaughter *cough splutter ehem* Sporting nicety honest!!!

Pitch Invasion
The coin was tossed and the Humans chose to recieve. Atrocity set up in their usual defence, just pushing out a bit wider to snatch at any darting human catchers that decided to hug the sidelines.

The fans incensed that Atrocity wouldnt get the first drive invaded the pitch and proceeded to kick the living **** out of the humans and even decking an Atrocity player in their exhuberance.

The remaining Sykes players visably stunned by this surge of undead fans tried to get some movement going, even forgetting to collect the ball and even with some hinting Morg forgot to take a turn!

Atrocity took the advantage and slammed into the reeling humans, causeing mayhem down the pitch before very quickly overpowering the Sykes players and collecting the ball. In short shrift Atrocity scored TOUCHDOWN 1-0.

The teams set up and the a few KO'd Sykes players hazily dragged themselves back onto the pitch. No sooner had the kick been taken the Syke's thrower tried and failed miserably to pick the ball up - probably put off by the murderous glare from the rampaging Wight bareing down on him. Again Atrocity took control, gained the ball and scored TOUCHDOWN 2-0.

Dead Catcher
It was getting near halftime and with the Undead in a comfortable lead, Atrocity's Necromancer decided to sit back and read up on a few black magic grimoires. This soon became helpful as after another dismal attempt by the humans to pick the ball up, Atrocity's Star Wight murdered one of the Syke's catchers and he was subsequently raised from the dead as a Zombie! another good drive by the shambling horde saw them score again just on half time TOUCHDOWN 3-0

Now during this first half readers my thnk I have been a tadge harsh on this newest of players to our wonderful game! Well I had increasingly tried to help this new bloodbowl player. Hinting at various tactics and basically screaming at him to stop throwing one die blocks against my Mummies and try to put tackle zones on my rampaging Ghouls. Also tried to instill in him the huge bonus of using Morg to Blitz key players, but Im afraid good people he was deaf to my suggestions, so a mauling he will receive Mwhahahahah

The Second half kicked off with Atrocity receiving and I made it a very hard half to begin with. Mostly I was being evil and wanted to try and clear the pitch of his team. I did try again out of a sense of guilt to impart a few more pearls of wisdom, but these were ignored so I set about cremating his team. At the end of the half though the damage was not that serious, ok I had killed a catcher but all other injuries were either KO's or Badly Hurts - I had scored twice in the half though to make the overall score 5-0!

The Sykes coach completed the final match preps and mumbled thanks for trying to help me, should of listened a bit......

My next game is against the pesky Dwarves that won against Nexus Sykes in the first round games.


  1. LOL great game for the Atrocity! Good luck against the Dwarf team. People learn by there mistakes hopefully he will.

  2. Yikes! hate to see this team in action when not trying to be nice ;)
    well, if someone won't take good advice there isn't much you can do.

  3. LOL, sounds like a fun game, at least for you! ;-)

    Sounds like you tried your best to help...
    my father has a rather rueful saying; "you can't educate pork!" Nuff said...

  4. It was only his 2nd real competetive game (in a league) and I really did try to go easy on him to begin with *honest*

  5. Man that is Brutal - I love it! Would you mind posting your roster? I want to see what this dynamo is made of (apart from bones and rotting flesh that is).

    Am now a follower to keep abreast of the trail of destruction that is Atrocity's campaign to the Bloodbowl!

    I hate Dwarves even more than elves - flatten a few of them for me please :-D

  6. Paul, I have added a link under Atrocity on the first line of the post. That should take you to the home roster page of our club Blood Bowl league.

  7. Aha! Found it.

    1.75 million gold pieces of brutality. I would foul that Mummy to dust if he piled on my players! The wights are wonderfully developed too. Good Luck!