Saturday, 8 September 2012

A New Season Begins - Bloodbowl

Bloodbowl, that violent, strategic, sometimes hilarious sometimes frustrating, fantsy football board/miniature game that we all know and love. Well my local Wargames Club started it's new Bloodbowl season last thursday and this time I had signed up with an old Undead team that I had used a few seasons ago. Finally breaking my own rule of always using a brand new team and a brand new race, just to see how far I could take them.

Well mainly due to lack of finances and time, I had not managed to put together the Human team I want so with time running out for registration welcome back the gruesome, villianous, smashiest Undead team this side of the Old World!


My first match of the new season will be against the Norse team - Asgard Marauders. Full match report in the next post.