Thursday, 16 August 2012

7TV - Evil Genius and Henchmen

I already have a 7TV villainous cast, but I thought I would clear these nefarious looking characters as I was doing more armed minions at the same time (minions still WIP).

Still got more Captain Scarlet miniatures in the painting queue and then I will move on to my main Heroic cast that I use for 7TV which is the Man from W.A.S.P.

So here we have.

Keeron McGreevey - Irish Muscle 

Keeron grew up near the Belfast docks where his father worked. Once into his teens, he started putting on muscle due to the physical work of loading and unloading the containers from the ships, his father introduced him to the local bare knuckle fights that were held weekly and Keeron soon became dock champion.

Aproached by certain ner do wells Keeron was offered bodyguard work for the local crime sydicate and soon became a valued henchmen. Now a henchmen for hire, he will work for the highest bidder.

Keeron McGreevy
Dr Yeznomiybee - Polish Evil Genius

Ernzt Yeznomiybee started life with a fascination for pulling wings and legs off small insects. Dedicated to learning how things cope without appendages he applied to medical school, excelling in autopsies and morgue etiquette!

Twisted and malicious, Ernzt managed to qualify from medical school and took over management of Krakow's city hospital morgue, where after a few months was arrested under suspicion of murder. Erntz was killing indescrimantly and then making sure that the corpses were transferred to his morgue where he could then discect them and carry out other evil experiments.

Escaping from prison, he is now set up somewhere in the region of the South China sea and hiring a number of evil henchmen and minions.

Ernzt Yeznomiybee
Alistair "The Duke" DeCourcy

Alistair is the disowned son of a major peer in the British House of Lords, hence his sacastic moniker "The Duke". Thrown out and disenherited over a terrible scandal involving a number of young ladies of the debutants, DeCourcy moved to Paris, where he lost his left eye during a fencing match.

After recovering from his injury, he was introduced by friends to the shooting club as a way of rehabilitation, miraculously loosing his eye had enhanced his ability to shoot a pistol with a degree of acuracy that was impossible to behold.

The Criminal fraternity soon got to hear about Alistair's unnatural accuracy and he eventually was employed and became the top assassin he is now.

Alistair "The Duke" Decourcy

Group shot.


  1. Nice group of Villains. I really must get the chap in the middle. One of the last remaining packs I don't own.

  2. A fearsome group of foes I would be afraid to face down!