Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Moving into Real Estate

I have been incredibly impressed of late with the abundance and quality of the pre laser cut MDF terrain and buildings that various companies have been producing recently.

Two main suppliers stand out though and these are Sarissa Precision who produce some great terrain for both Sci-Fi and Wildwest settings as well as City Block buildings, including a fantastic Warehouse. At £50 it is an expensive piece (well lots of pieces really) of MDf but you can see from the pictures that it is in my opinion well worth it.

Sarissa Warehouse and 8 Warbases Houses and shops
Stock picture of Warbases Houses
The next company is Warbases who do a great range of terraced housing that can be used for any period from Victorian era to modern day, incorporating VBCW, WW2, 1960's etc... great for setting up a street for the Daleks to invade or for a certain 7TV Spy-Fi studio to shoot their episodes. 

Not found many problems with these buildings so far. The only critism that has been afforded towards them has been from my non-wargaming, non-geek understanding wife - she says the buildings stink. She just doesn't understand the burnt woody goodness you get from opening these. Its like that new box smell when you open a new boardgame!!!


  1. They are really nice they do stink a little bit but I don't mind either :D

  2. Those are some nice looking buildings.