Thursday, 19 July 2012

7TV Villainous Cast - L.I.C.E

Whats going on??? two posts in one day, have I been busy, blessed with the speed of a Cheeta with a paintbrush I hear you cry.  Why no. Its just whilst sorting through the buildings I have been making I came across my first 7TV cast that I had put together and realised I had not posted it for the masses to cor and go gooey over !!

So to dominate the world with their nefarious plans and evil deeds I present L.I.C.E (League of International Criminal Enterprises)

Horation Silas - Head L.I.C.E

Born in Budapest and the illegitimate son of a Hungarian Woman and Lord Astley, Horatio was placed in an orphanage where he ended up being raised by the criminal underworld. On reaching his 20's Horatio managed to manipulate the stock markets and became the Millionaire mogul of a German based media company.
Using his influence and personal fortune, he now gains advantage for his nefarious plans, allowing the L.I.C.E network to reek havoc around the world, whilst using his media contacts to gain the first story.  Some wonder how his journalists can always be on hand as soon as these events happen. Thats because the scandle and disasters are caused by the very same journalists as L.I.C.E agents.

Luydmilla - Russian L.I.C.E

An ex-member of the feared Russian counter intelligence agency, Luydmilla has a reputation for overseeing the interrogation of enemy agents. Which after torturing the target, she speaks to them in a warm motherly tone to extract information. After an internal scandle Luydmilla was out in the cold. Bitter and vengeful she gravitated towards the underworld and became involved with L.I.C.E. She is now the right hand of the malicious industrialist Horatio Silas.

Viktor Drakus - Nasty L.I.C.E

Drakus is a brutal killer. Originally involved with the drug syndicates in Marseille and Venice he eventually became an enforcer in the Budapest underworld, before being emplyed by L.I.C.E. He was arrested and sent to prison shortly after, however he broke out after strangling his psychiatrist. Drakus is know to leave a dragon pin on his victims after killing them.

               Viktor Drakus                   Horatio Silas                  Luydmilla                      
L.I.C.E being the worldwide evil regime it is, needs scores of willing minions to keep its day to day operations going, as well as numerous expendable minion troops to protect its assets and to carry out attacks against designated targets.

Crawling with L.I.C.E
Minion Commander and Rifle Armed Security Guard Minions

SMG Armed Minions

Minion Dog Handler and Attack Dogs


  1. Brilliant paintjobs on these. Love the background!

  2. Great painting, love the dogs!

  3. I enjoyed the write up. Thanks for sharing > I look forward to more 7TV in the future.