Tuesday, 26 June 2012

MERCS ISS Concept art.

MERCS Miniatures have just posted up on their forum new concept art for the upcoming ISS faction that is due to be released along with the Texico Faction.

ISS Myrmidon - First thing you need to know is that they are lethal in short range, just flat out devastating. The concept for them from the beginning was to play upon the flavour and nature of the matador. ISS must close the distance, but not let the opponent get in too close. They can fire at long-range, but this isn't their strength. Likewise, they have the ability to survive in hand to hand combat, but this isn't where you want to be. If a target is coaxed within short range, then yahoo, go to town!!

Luckily the ISS Corp Abilities make this happen sooner and considerably safer.

Stated as an European/Mediteranean faction.

                         Leader - Combat Shield and an machine pistol with special rounds.

Booster - Semi-auto weapon and adrenaline

Calypso - ISS unique. The Trident is a melee weapon, but that isn't what make it special. It can be targeted by the lightning thrower to extend range or attack around cover/corners. She also has a nasty AoE surprise.

Heavy - Lightning thrower that jumps targets with diminishing strength and armor failure with each jump.

Sniper - Pulse rifle that has Knockback and two very good Personal Abilities.

Wavefinder - This the ISS version of the Pathfinder archetype. Single Shot Rifle and can drop an auto turret. The automated turret is always on Overwatch.

I  must say, I am absolutely blown away by the concepts for this faction and the colour scheme matches the unique abilities and background of this faction.

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