Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Dr Who - Invasion Earth Cybermen and Daleks

Earth Invasion Classic Cybermen

Black Tree Design Cybermen. Basic paintjobs as all these needed were a coat of Boltgun Metal, washed with Badab Black and then highlighted with Mithril Silver. I have a Cyber Controller to add to this squad. Also another Cybermen squad WIP but these are from the Earthshock period.

Invasion Daleks

A small collection of my Command Daleks. Black (Supreme Dalek) Gold (Dalek Leader) Blue (Dalek Squad Leader) and Red (Saucer Commander Dalek). More WIP include a squad a Imperial Daleks and Special Weapon Dalek, and squads of normal and engineer (Silver Mk3) Daleks.
Plus the odd suicide Dalek.

Other Dr Who in the lead pile consist of Sontarans, UNIT troops, Ice Warriors and the Dr in various incarnations plus various characters.

These will be posted as and when I get a chance from my various other projects - will it never end!!!(please dont hope for anything soon)


  1. They look great look forward to seeing the rest when they are finished. Especially the Dalek's